Highlands Highground
Hello Segment Riders!

This was a tough week - Crystalview was a pretty fun challenge, I heard from a number of people who walked/ran up the gravel, and props to those who did it no matter what! Kudo worthy in my book.

The new segments this week are going to be challenging climbs as well, one is fairly steep, and the other is loooooong. Longer and higher than the Munn segment! Read on!


Just a few notes:

I saw someone called Izaiah Sheerin is a part of the Strava ATR club, and rode the A segment, but hasn't signed up, so I was unable to include in the results. If you're reading this and wish to join in, please sign up on the website, thank you!

B rider Spencer Floyd claimed BOTH KOMs this week and is on notice, any more top performances and we'll have to swap you to A! 😉

And two weeks without any errors reported! 😎

If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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Going back in time a few decades, Pinback is one of my all-time favourite bands, and Summer in Abaddon is a top album IMO. If unfamiliar they're a bit hard to describe, but very melodic, a bit downbeat but still quite 'pop-y', awesome bass playing and oddly sci-fi inspired lyrically. And you'll find it hard not to sing along. Generally can't go wrong with Pinback, would love to see a new album!


The A's

Where's Claire?! Crystalview was PERFECT for her! Very sad to not see a time.. The Squaremeat wasn't a fan of Crystalview, but absolutely clobbered the Cobbles segment, with the 3rd fastest time overall. Chapeau, we may be looking at the next Alison Jackson!!

For the fellas just three dared the segments, Damian claimed the A segment, but Louis got the upper hand on the B, and Dan wasn't feeling very well, but kudos for getting out and toughing them out!

The B's

On the Female side, K :) really enjoyed the gravel and took the top spot there with a smashing time. Laura Brown seemed to favour the cobbles, and took top honours on the B segment, with Jill P-S only a second back, and K :) just behind.

In the Open B's, as already highlighted Spencer claimed BOTH KOMs! There's not much more that can be said about that! Travis was next fastest, and Jon and I tied for 3rd. On the Cobbles, Jon had taken the KOM early on, but had to settle for 2nd after Spencer, and Travis and Peter logged identical times, tying for 3rd with dang fast times.

The C's

Wendy was once again the lone C this week again, keep it going!! 💪💪

The Open C's were back in force this week, and Mike once again logged a top time, with Matt nipping on his heels, and Dan Shaw taking the 3rd spot. Over on the cobbles Tyler Venn made up for his last-place gravel time, taking top spot, Marc not far behind, and Matt and Mike tied for 3rd.

The Secret Times this week were 2:06 and 3:01, and again lots of close calls, but no hits. Matt claimed the Early Bird, and Maria and Peter lost 5pts for becoming Local Legends! 5pts were awarded to Justine and Dan Shaw for Socialite points which I missed last week, and Amir collected 5pts for this week, thanks for tagging @AboutTheRideCA on IG! (See the Bonus & Curse section on the main page for more details!)


This week's prizes are $20 Gift Cards to our supporter Goldstream Bikes, plus a sample chocolate from Drop Naked!

Draw prize distribution this week will be 1x A, 4x B and 2x C and we've got:

Dan Blackwell

Peter Burgess
Travis Field
Jill P-S
Maria Morano

Alan Mackay
Wendy Taylor

Congrats! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices! (Well this week doesn't matter!)

For Week #9, help me declutter, and win yourself the remaining items from Fairfield Bikes and Oak Bay Bikes! To qualify you have to ride at least one segment this coming week. Thanks again to all our supporters, check out that huge prize list!! 


Week #9 - Apr 24 - 30 - Highlands Highground

The climbing continues this week, and it's two longer ones, including our longest segment so far! 9A is shorter, but features a pretty grueling ascent. 9B is just grueling, fortunately the Old Mossy turn-off offers a bit of relief at the end, but it's still a challenge just getting there!

Segment 9A Name: Willing yourself to Glen Nevis
Deets: 2.72km, 53m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Mega Rath with a 5:43, KOM is Andrew McCartney with a 4:34, there is no LL.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/34196293

Inspired by a previous KOMp, which went up the other side of Durrance, I opted to extend the run-in, and add a bit extra at the top as well. What even is a Glen Nevis? Well when you find it you can stop pedaling! On the bright side you can coast and recover down the other side of West Saanich.

Segment 9B Name: Ain't much coasting on the way to Old Mossy!
Deets: 3.92km, 167m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Holly Henry with a 12:31, KOM is Rob Britton with a 9:03, there is no LL.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/34157002

Some of us have already been up here, Rob Britton dragged our butts here on his wacky ride last month, I'd never been on Old Mossy! Apparently it's the highest paved road in the Highlands, so let's go there! 😂😭 I made a section starting where the climbing on Ross-Durrance really begins. For those about to complain, be thankful I didn't start it way down at Wallace!! It's a lot of up, but for the fastest climbers, this is your opportunity to send Rob Britton and Holly Henry notifications, I'm pretty confident the top times will be overcome! 💪💪

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


Not too much to this one - the Goose and north end of the E&N connect to Atkins, which is right there. When you get to the top of 8A, you end up connected to another street, and can simply keep rolling down that road (so you don't have to go back on the gravel!)

Updated on the site: Week #10 Hints, and Routing for this week: https://abouttheride.ca/victoria-segment-challenge/

Hey, it was different! Smoother roads from here on out,
but they may not be any less steep!

Who was in the right gear when you hit this spot?!

Not I! Like 50rpm of ooops.

That's another week done! Fortunately this coming week is FINALLY starting to look like spring, am even seeing hints of 20C near the end of the week...! I'm ready to ditch some of the layers, I've still been wearing full shoe covers and arm and leg warmers, enough!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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