Speed week is coming up! ⚑
Hello Segment Riders!

Another mixed week weather-wise, and a couple TOUGH segments! But no one made it any tougher than Damian, who rode them at around 4am on Saturday, then did a peninsula loop, THEN did the Big Loop (out to Cowichan, across to Port Renfew, then back). 400km that day. Woof! What a legend!!

It's our penultimate week coming up, and we'll all be speeding through them!


Notes for the week:

I am not fond of drama, but this week I had to put on my serious hat again, and a rider has been banned from the event, and their results erased. (Unfortunately it'd be too much work to recalculate all the results, but I don't think would make too much difference.)

I'd have preferred to do this quietly, but the nature of the situation and potential negative impact on our female participants requires me to address this publicly.

This all requires a little backstory, so it's obvious I am not making an impulsive decision: I had gotten strange vibes from this person from the onset, but chalked it up to personality quirks; I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of an oddball, and for better or worse I have a habit of assuming everyone I meet is a good person.

After helping this person get their rides visible (both account and each ride they were doing were marked 'private', so not appearing on segments), this person on two occasions started email discussions complaining about the Local Legend curse. I tried to keep the conversation light and friendly, but they were very persistent. This person was also very pushy on Instagram, and I'm only sharing this because I'm concerned others may have experienced something like this, and to illustrate that they are not alone in this experience:

(Also this person posted excerpts of our email discussion on Strava - no joke - in an attempt to discredit me, so I figure it's fair game to share this with personal details omitted. Normally I respect private conversations.)

Maybe it's just me, but I felt that was exceptionally pushy, and again, tried to keep it light, but felt it was quite rude.

I never followed this person on IG or Strava.

Next this rider emailed me to accuse others of cheating. I take this seriously, and asked how. They sent me a link to a ride, and said the ride title said they 'rode segments together'.

Kind of like many of us do every week, as cycling is a social sport.

And I explained this (and of course this person ALSO had their own segments titled this way), but they insisted there was cheating occurring.

So I took a look at the ride files of the two riders, and of course there was zero evidence of cheating. It was on the Dooley segment, which has a few sub-segments in it. If the riders were cheating/drafting, those sub-segments would have very similar times. They were not. Their finish times were also very different. And just to be safe, I checked the ride timeline, and it was very clear one person waited ~30 seconds while the other rode off at the start point.

I told this person there was only evidence to the contrary, yet they refused to admit it, or apologize for this false, baseless accusation. After this I gave a formal warning for being unsporting.

Finally, a few weeks later, this person again emails me, to complain about not seeing themselves receiving points for a social media post.

I wrote back that they did, the points were right there on the results sheet, AND I had named the person in a report for receiving the points. The person replied with more accusations, and no hint of an apology or admittance of a mistake. I issued a second warning, for being wasteful of my time.

This person then *continued* to push on, writing 'I just asked a simple question' and at that point I told them they were out. (Others have confirmed this is a common pattern.)

I have since learned more disturbing facts about this person, that this behaviour is commonplace, and this person has been refused membership or kicked out of several other clubs/groups/etc..

Further, this person apparently has a history of harassing female members of those clubs and groups.

Other organizers, riders and friends I have reached out to have also described extremely negative encounters.

One friend I've been in touch with has been very generous with her assessment, but I'd describe her treatment from this person as harassment.

I sincerely hope this person hasn't pressured any of our other Segment Challenge participants, and that I'm wasting my breath here.

But if they have, I sincerely apologize for bringing this person into your personal sphere. It's totally accidental, but I feel terrible that others may have been made to feel uncomfortable or harassed over what should be a light and fun event. The offending person is officially gone.

I don't know what the right answer here is. I'd encourage blocking/reporting this person, on Strava, Instagram, or wherever else they may be harassing you.

And I don't mean to imply anyone is a 'damsel in distress', but this is way too commonplace, I absolutely hate seeing it, and I want to set an example of no tolerance for this. I'm 100% on your side, and will do whatever I can, and if dialogue is of interest, do reach out to me.

In trying to move forward, if you feel like someone is being inappropriate, please consider reaching out to me. Or have someone else reach out to me. And don't hesitate to ban or block someone if they're disrespecting your boundaries. You shouldn't have to tolerate that. Full stop.

Again I hope this is completely unnecessary, and that all of you have had nothing but good experiences with other Segment Challenge riders, but if that's not the case, I feel I'd be remiss to not bring it up.

Thanks for reading all this, please continue to be kind and encouraging to each other, and respect personal boundaries. Again, I really don't know how to navigate this properly, but I hope I'm doing the right thing in addressing it. And no matter what I'm here for you.

Let's carry on with our regular update:

On a lighter note I think this is four weeks without any errors reported, my new system seems to be much more reliable! 😎

If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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I'm a huge Beck fan, and on rotation right now is the 2019 album Hyperspace. It's not one of my favourite albums overall, not quite as many songs that really grab me, but I find the production outstanding, so much jumps out at you, it just sounds so good. 🎢


The A's

The Squaremeat continues to drop serious watts and is continuing to log top OVERALL times! She rode a 3:08 on Kingsview (4th fastest of everyone), and unfortunately Strava didn't play nice on Langvista, and recorded over 9mins, but on a manual analysis I logged her in at 3:09, although an accurate time would still be a few seconds faster.

The A men put in yet more impressive times, Julian was the fastest on the A segment with a 2:33. Stephane flew up those switchbacks with a 2:40, and Louis was the only other to crack 3min 7 seconds back on that. Damian on that early (late??) ride locked in the fastest time on Langvista with a 2:41, Louis held the early lead with a 2:45, and Dan Blackwell was just above 3mins for 3rd. (Ironically we rode the exact same time on both segments!)

The B's

Female rider numbers were on the low side again this week, but lots of impressive rides!! K :) claimed the top 11A time with a 3:33, Laura B and Shannon were not far off. And on Sunday K :) did a second effort on the 11B segment, and claimed the QOM with a 3:04! Justine had taken the QOM earlier in the week with a 3:28, and Laura once again earned a spot on the podium.

Over on the Open side, newcomer Adam Wadden claimed the top spot on the A segment, with Travis and I a second apart for 2nd & 3rd, and Bruno in the mix. Travis took top spot on the B segment with a smokin' time of 2:52 (3rd fastest time of all), I surprised myself riding a 3:04 for 2nd, and Bruno and David Taylor were not far off as well. 

The C's

Again no starters on the Female side, hopefully we'll see them back this week!

For the gents, Tyler Venn once again took both top spots, with times that would put him in the mix with the Bs! Marc and Matt battled for 2nd & 3rd respectively, and Dan Shaw and Kit also not far off the podium.

The Secret Times this week were 3:15 and 2:43, and again lots of close calls, but no hits. John MacDonald is becoming the Early Bird of early birds, and Socialite this week was awarded to Justine, and an honourable mention to Shannon (after she uploaded a post-segment video highlighting she knows where I live!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). I claimed one of the Local Legends, as did Adam Wadden. Wah wah!


This week's prizes are 2x Gift Cards to each of the following: Cinnaholic, Nice Shoes, Vegan Supply and Yates Coffee Bar, plus a chocolate sample from Drop Naked!

There are 8 items, and distribution is 2x All Female, 6x All Open, and the lucky names are:

Shannon Baerg
Justine Calder (she/her)

Juan C. Sanchez-Arias
Alan Mackay
Tyler Galts
Tyler VennπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Adam Wadden πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Julian Cameron

Congrats! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices!

ALSO! I sent out a special email earlier in the week about the Giant Giant XL Draw, and Dan Shaw and Kevin D both replied, and since there are two jerseys, they've each won one - I'll send a follow-up email shortly. (Note they're omitted from the main draw this week. Kevin's award is pending as well, as I haven't seen any segments ridden this week so far.)

ONE MORE UPDATE: Last week K :) was drawn, and claimed a bottle of chain oil, but I noticed her helmet was really old and had taken a few hits, so when she arrived I offered her the oil, or 'what's under the sheet'...which was one of the helmets from Westshore Bikes, and she went with the helmet of course! Hope all are okay with me directing a prize this way!

For Week #11, we'll be giving away the Russ Hay's prizes (along with a Drop Naked chocolate).

Thanks again to all our supporters, check out that huge prize list!! 


Week #11 - May 8 - 14 - It's Time to Fly!

We're headed out to the Dean Park area which is terrifying for many - but you're going downhill for the most part, welcome to speed week!! There'll be lots of fast times, plus a bonus segment again.

Bit of a funny personal story on 11B, when I went to ride it previously, it was a nice sunny day, and as I was getting close on Lochside, I glanced over towards where it was, and there was a dark cloud hanging over...and yup, rained just in the spot where the segment was.

Segment 11A Name: McTavish East > West
Deets: 2.69km, 39m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Julia Gallant with a 4:17, KOM is Chuck Detheridge with a 3:46, John McManus is LL with 24 efforts.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/15285082

Starts with a gentle uphill, maybe 30m of elevation over 1km, and then two big rollers that drop you down to West Saanich at speed! Anyone can do this one fast, but there are some tricks to doing it fastest!

Segment 11B Name: Cresswell Landing Strip
Deets: 0.65km, 0m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Caileigh Filmer with a 0:37, KOM is Martin Barakso with a 0:33, John McManus is LL with 13 efforts.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/23928038

Another deja-vu segment for those who've done previous KOMpetitions, this one is all speed - down the hill into a full-on sprint, it's like getting a lead-out into a sprint! If memory serves, there's a fairly obvious 'line' at the end of the segment as well. Please ensure your brakes are in good working order! There's a good amount of distance after the segment ends to slow down, but as always safety first.

Bonus Segment: Make a flower!
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/34320340

It's Mother's Day this week, which for some reason, like many holidays, is all about flowers, so let's do some Strava art! (I'm sure your moms and partners will be deeply impressed!)

This takes us to the Sunnymead neighbourhood, and you're basically just looping down each cul-de-sac.

There are no curses, no bonuses, no QOMs or KOMs, just 10pts for each rider who logs the segment! =) 🌺

Happy riding!! πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ

Updated on the site: Week #12 Hints, and Routing for this week: https://abouttheride.ca/victoria-segment-challenge/

Pre-ride of Kingsview!

Do you choose the door on the right, or the door straight ahead? πŸ€”πŸ€’πŸ˜­

I can't believe we've only got two weeks left for Season 1! But fear not, Season 2 will be around the corner...hoping you all will want to continue on this wacky journey!!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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