Summary of the last week of Season 1! ⚡
Hello Segment Riders!

This is it - the final week is a wrap!! Hope it's been as fun for you all as it has for me!

It's a bit bittersweet tallying up the final results, nice to see over 30 people hit up the final segments (and three new names!)

A special shout out to five riders - Jill, Laura B, Maria, Travis, Mikael and Dan Shaw - they all rode every week, and deserve special recognition for consistency, well done!!

Also for those following pro racing, a big stage race was in the US this last week, the Joe Martin Stage Race, and Victoria rider Sarah Van Dam finished 6th overall, with a few podium finishes, and won Best Young Rider. This after some stellar track racing the last few months as well, hoping she keeps on this trajectory!

Let's keep on with our regular updates!


Notes for the week:

Welcome Christine to the B's, and Kathy and Doug to the C's! It's the final week for Season 1, but great to have you join us, and there's lots more to come!

Looks like last week's results were good, please be sure to let me know ASAP if there are any issues this week (or outstanding) as I'll be tallying final results and sending out a 'final' Season 1 update tomorrow!


If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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It's Stephen Malkmus tonight, specifically the Real Emotional Trash album. Pavement fans will be familiar with that name, and rumours of a new album in the works...Malkmus has been releasing solo material for a number of years now, and of course it's got that Pavement feel. And there's even a cycling themed tune recently, with the catchy chorus "Another beautiful bike lane.." 🎶


The A's

It was another sparse week for A's, unfortunately Damian was out of town (otherwise he would have also been one to ride all weeks), but Rich and Dan represented, and Rich claimed the fastest times of the week!

The Squaremeat also rode some incredible times this week, her A Segment time was 3rd fastest overall, and B Segment was 2nd overall, just 6 seconds off Rich's top time - what an inspiring wrap to the season! 🔥

The B's

The final week with the female crew saw some impressive times and efforts as well! Laura Brown, K :) and Maria formed the podium on the climb, but K :) really took a shining to the descent, with the third fastest overall time of 4:59! Jill showed off her descending chops claiming 2nd, and Maria once again earned the third step finishing strong in the series. (Several were over on the mainland this week for the Provincial Road & TT champs, and looks like some top finishes there too!!)

On the guys side, Peter made an amazing return (finger still heavily bandaged after surgery!) and rode the fastest time up Willis Pt! Might be something to getting a bit of recovery..? Travis got the 2nd fastest time, and I snuck in with 3rd (beating my previous PB by 2 seconds, 2yrs later I think - can still get faster despite getting older apparently!😁)

The downhill was more my style, and managed the top B time despite a bit of a headwind the day I was out. Travis, Glennon and Alex were all just a few seconds behind however, making for a very close finish!

The C's

It was Super Week for the Female C's - with both our regulars out, plus a newcomer! Kathy jumped into the competition with pizazz, taking the top time in the climb with her gravel bike no less, followed by Lani. On the descent, positions were reversed, and Wendy took the third spot there, all within 30 seconds of each other.

For the fellas, Kit and Tyler managed to tie on the climb, and Dan Shaw and Mikael just off the mark. Dan was faster back down, with Kit and Tyler G seconds apart from each other.

The Secret Times this week were 9:23 and 5:38, and that was a shutout. We got a surprise with Adam W taking the Early Bird (very disappointed in you John! 🤣). None of the other bonuses or curses were triggered this week. It was a busy couple segments, with almost 200 riders on Strava passing this way one way or the other!


It's going to take a bit of effort to sort out the final distribution of prizes, but will basically be giving 1st Place in each Category first claim, then 2nd, then 3rd, and will continue from there.

The pins will also be awarded, 18 Podium pins for our top 3 finishers in each field, and then there's 26 'Season 1' pins that will be awarded down the field based on scores and number of weeks ridden, a list is imminent once the final results are locked in!

Thanks again to all our supporters, check out that huge prize list!!

Season 2 - Week #1

Coming soon!

Hello, or good-bye Willis Pt!

That's this week in wrap! Again I can't believe Season 1 is over!! So glad you've all joined in, it's been a really fun ride with you all so far. =)

A follow-up email will be sent out tomorrow with more details. Please take a look at the final results, and let me know ASAP if there are any corrections!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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