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Hello Segment Riders!

Another week, another couple of segments down! I'm guessing people are away, as our numbers this week were on the low side, but impressive efforts out there no less!

It was also great to spend a few hours with several of you on Saturday for the Road Climbing Clinic with Holly Henry - it was a bit ironic as I had to leave a road climbing clinic (the Tour de France Femmes was literally just starting to climb the Tourmalet) to attend this one, quite the finish there as well! 🔥 And your skills will be put to the test this week, with two solid uphill efforts.

Also, for those interested in cyclocross and gravel riding, my Cyclocross Skills School clinic series finally has dates, starting Aug 20th, and the two Sundays after that (and Cross on the Rock starts the following week!) Learn all the fundamental skills you need for cyclocross, including riding over a range of terrain and other bike handling skills - super handy for gravel riders as well! Details and sign-up are here:

And I've updated the Cyclocross racing page with all the known dates, take a peek here:


Notes for the week:

There were a few minor tweaks to the results last week (late ride posted), but other than that no drama!

Also an update to how the Birthday Bonus works; instead of your new age in points, it'll be 1/10th your new age in points. I hadn't quite considered this, otherwise it could really skew the results (and many have zero chance of this if their birthday isn't in these 9 weeks!)

Other than that, welcome to our new riders!


If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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A few weeks ago a new Guided By Voices dropped as well, and am finally getting a chance to listen! I believe Welshpool Frillies is their 948th album. (No joke, it's their second this year!)

It's very definitely GBV, just a few seconds in, and if you're a fan you're like 'yup, definitely them!' One of the more distinct bands out there.

But with that comes the fact they're also pretty polarizing...I'd imagine they're a love 'em or hate 'em kinda band. And it's rather challenging to rate their albums. I can say with confidence 'Do The Collapse' is my favourite, and a number I don't really care too much for..but this one is growing on me. 🎶


The A's

Lot's going on with our speedy ladies this week! On the speedy A segment newcomer Samantha Hoft posted the fastest time (and QOM!) Laura aka The Squaremeat stopped for a chat before the end, and K :) was on a Z2 ride (focusing on an upcoming triathlon), so her times were reflective of that!

The B segment was more to Laura's liking, and totally smashed it, nearly cracking 6mins. Sam's time was a solid second, and K :) earned 3rd place points.

I'm pleased to see Stephane Tran is back, and obliterated both segments! Julian set an impressive initial time on Logan's, but Stephane ended up taking a big chunk out of that. I had the KOM on Liberto until late this afternoon, but Stephane knocked 4 seconds off, but took him 100w more, so I don't feel bad. 😂🔥

The B's

Shannon and Laura continue to duel, and Shannon's sprint background definitely helped on Liberto, but Laura turned the tables on Logan's and took the top step there!

In the Open category I set the KOM on Tuesday with a 1:28, and while a lot of times were close, Tyler V was closest and tied my time. I like a good sprint! There was a 3-way tie for 2nd with Adam, Colin and Glennon, just one second back, and Tyler F took 3rd a couple more seconds in arrears. I think that's a record for the number of people the two fastest times!

The 'ITT' was much more decisive, with Colin also cracking 6mins (and continuing to give 'A' vibes! 😉) Travis F hit 6min even, and I was 7sec beyond that. I think there might have been some other faster times, but for a few wrong turns.....always study your segments before leaving! I know it's got me a few times too!

The C's

The battles continued with our C's, and Suzy the Sprinter posted a decisive time on the sprint! Heidi wasn't far back, and Kathy rounded out that podium. But I think the hills were her strength, and Kathy took the top spot on the ITT, with Suzy and Heidi in the mix.

It was Kit, Mike H and Tyler G going 1-2-3 on both segments, and of Kit keeps this up may be finding himself as a B next season! 😉 Newcomer Raphael was in the mix as well!


As mentioned the QOMs went to Sam and Laura, and Stephane claimed both KOMs.

Early bird was K :), but no Secret Times or Socialite points awarded. The Local Legend curse hit Sam and Ron M, and once again a rider lost points for the Yellow Jersey curse, and that rider! It's a risk we take making up segments I guess. 😂


This week's prizes are the items from Fort Street Cycles and a few of the Goldstream Bikes $20 Gift Cards! (Correction, I sent out earlier that the items this week were from Trek, doh!)

Since the jersey is a women's jersey, I'll split the draw between our Female and Open riders, with 3 items each, and our lucky riders are:



Congrats! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices!

For Week #7, I'll be giving out most of the listed non-bike Gift Cards!

Big thanks to all our supporters, check out the prize list!!

Hit 'download images' to view!

Week #7 - July 31st - Aug 6th - One Hill Too Many

We're back to climbing hills this week, and unfortunately one of the hills is after one of the biggest hills.....also this is one of the rare weeks where the segments aren't terribly close.

Segment 7A Name: Petworth bottom to top
Deets: 1.06km, ~84m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is k kit with a 3:46, KOM is Jordan Landolt with a 2:43, Local Legend is Rob Blackie with 2 efforts.

This is another one you've probably ridden by many times, if out on Prospect Lake Rd. There's usually an amusing message on the produce sign as well! But the amusement ends quickly once you roll around that corner...this starts off as another wall! Fortunately it mellows out for the end, but you gotta get there first! Note the elevation is off on this particular segment, and is likely around 84m of elevation. And if you really want a kick in the pants, on the way back down make a left and go to the end of Kerryview. Woof.

Segment 7B Name: Davies Road Climb
Deets: 1.01km, ~81m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is Claire Townsend with a 4:15, KOM is Jordan Landolt with a 2:31, Local Legend is Travis Field with 5 efforts.

There are three ways to get to this one - Millstream Rd, Ross-Durrance, or Munn. Pick your poison! I haven't actually ridden up this road, I've been at the top a few times on gravel rides (there's an exit from Thetis that leads to another trail), but this will be my first time up this one as well! Our own Travis Field is the Local Legend however, so he'll have an edge, and if you're looking for someone to blame, please direct your grief to The Squaremeat, as this segment was her request. 😂😂😂

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️

Updated on the site: New Hints, and as always Routing for this week:

From Liberto,
I always love me a good whoop!

Logan's Run!
The Squaremeat 
earns another QOM!

This will be a bit of a tough week, but I hope you all can make it to at least one, ideally both! Just two more weeks after this, I can't believe we're starting to wind down!!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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