We're going back to school a bit early! ⚡
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Hello Segment Riders!

This week was a bit of a brute! Two solid climbs, plus a climb to get to one of the climbs, I'm over 4,000m for the week, which is a big jump for me!

Also been enjoying the 'Super Worlds', lots of great racing to watch, although a bit surprised some of our Canadian riders haven't had better results, lots more to come tho. The cyclocross*cough*road race today was a nail biter tho!

On that note, a reminder for those interested in cyclocross and gravel riding, my Cyclocross Skills School clinic series starts Aug 20th, and the two Sundays after that (and Cross on the Rock starts the following week!) Learn all the fundamental skills you need for cyclocross, including riding over a range of terrain and other bike handling skills - super handy for gravel riders as well! Details and sign-up are here: https://abouttheride.ca/cyclocross-skills-school/

And I've updated the Cyclocross & Gravel Racing page with all the known dates, locations and other details, take a peek here: https://abouttheride.ca/cyclocross/


Notes for the week:

There were a few minor edits in the Women's C field, I forgot to sort by name before pasting some results, but all fixed!


If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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No tunes this week, got GCN playing in the background catching up on some of the Worlds! 🎶


The A's

Our A fields both saw new names pop up this week! On the women's side, Jennifer Ward finally opened her account, having won the overall in the first two KOMpetitions (if memory serves!) She was just 7 seconds shy of Laura aka The Squaremeat's QOM time on Davies (and 7th overall in our entire group!), but she had burned all her matches on that one, and had a slower time on the other. K :) was also out this week, and got 3rd on Davies, and 2nd on Petworth. And it goes without saying Laura claimed the QOM there as well! In the overall 1st and 2nd are locked up, but 3rd place could still go to any of our contenders!

Stephane Tran was fastest on Petworth this week, but Julian held on to claim Davies, with these pushing those times higher and higher, what a battle! They got 2nd each otherwise, and it's good to see Louis is back, collecting 3rd place points.

The B's

Laura was the lone B out this week, and of course top points go to her! Hopefully more of the B ladies turn up for the last two weeks!

Over with the guys, Colin is proving himself to being more of an 'A' rider than a 'B', just a few seconds behind Louis, and a bigger gap to the Bs chasing him! So he collected top points, but on Petworth Tyler V and Travis F climbed onto the podium, and Travis moved up a notch on Davies, and Glennon had a terrific ride and took 3rd there, with Tyler V and Adam tied a second back from that in fourth, so close!

Travis had the distinction of being the only rider to post the same time for both segments (I think...I find those stats kind of amusing.😂)

The C's

There was upset this week as Kathy M claimed both top spots in the C's!! Suzy claimed second on both as well, with Heidi also sharing the podium.

There was upset with the guys as well, as Juan knocked over Kit's apple cart, and earned top spot! Kit took 2nd and 3rd as well, and Tyler G got himself 3rd on Petworth, and Rafael popped in for 3rd on Davies.

Nice riding all!!


As mentioned the QOMs went to Laura, and the KOMs remained unrenewed.

Early bird was Dave B, but this seems to be the season with no Secret Times! And no Socialite points awarded as well. The Local Legend curse hit was claimed by Julian, and somehow Travis F managed to avoid it, I'm assuming his earlier rides timed out.


This week's prizes are the Gift Cards from our favourite vegan shops, Meet on Blanshard, Softys vegan soft serve, TerraLuv Fashion (formerly Nice Shoes), Vegan Supply and Yates Coffee Bar!

There's 8 total, so we'll do 2x A's, 4x B's and 2x C's, and our lucky riders are:

Louis FL
Julian Cameron

Colin Daniels
Travis Field
Adam Wadden 🇨🇦 🐺
Joel Crocker

Suzy Sylvester
Tyler Galts

Congrats! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices!

For Week #8, I'll be giving out the Goldstream Bicycles $20 Gift Cards! Also, I'll be sending out a special email for the Giant shop items, which are also women's specific - basically all who ride this week will get chance to win if interested.

As always a huge thanks to all our supporters, check out the prize list!!


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Week #8 - Aug 7th - 13th - Ups & Downs of School

It's our penultimate week, and time to go back to school! But just for a few minutes, as we're out by Royal Roads University this week. One segment is flat and short, for some it'll be the easiest segment ever...for others going for a fast time, it's still 100%! And we'll take it easy on you with just a short but pretty climb at RRU for the second segment.

Segment 8A Name: Colwood Lake Sprint
Deets: 0.42km, 0m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is Samantha Hoft with 32s, KOM is Vinko Poldrugovac with 26s, Local Legend is John MacDonald 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣 with 34 efforts.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/7992910

We've finally got a proper sprint! Under 500m, on a pretty flat and quiet road..this should be interesting! This was our other 'request', thanks to Katja, aka K :) - I'm definitely looking forward to it! W/KG mean much less than pure watts here, I expect we'll see some different names atop the leaderboards.

Segment 8B Name: RR Climb
Deets: 0.91km, 57m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is Bonnie Emery with a 2:54, KOM is Daniel Damian with a 1:53, Local Legend is Kyle Kl with 28 efforts.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/9780683

This is a fairly quick climb, with a pretty boring title! There's a more popular segment on Strava, but it ends further up, where the road gets busy, so I've opted for this shorter one that I came across, ending right before W Campus Rd. Take the long way down to the bottom as well, and enjoy a little time in Royal Roads!

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️

Updated on the site: New Hints, and as always Routing for this week: https://abouttheride.ca/victoria-segment-challenge/

Hello Petworth,
It doesn't get much better after this!

Here we are on Davies
This corner was a welcome sight
with the end just around the corner!

Good on all those who tackled the segments this week! Hope you all enjoy riding around Royal Roads this week, and there's just one week after this!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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