Er meh gerd just one week left! ⚡
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Hello Segment Riders!

Great to see the numbers back up, with over 30 people hitting some of the segments!! (Some possibly unintentionally, but if I see ya, and have scored ya this season, y'all are getting points! 🤣)

The hill climb had tons of really close times, just a few seconds separating many riders! The sprint seemed a real challenge tho, I know several days had very unfavourable wind conditions... I rode on Tuesday with Laura aka The Squaremeat and Jen Ward, and by some freak chance we all got exactly the same time, 27s! It'd be fun to redo something like this one but with proper timing. Due to the nature of GPS timing, any given segment can be off by at least 4s by my count..depending on when it 'ticks over' to start, and the end is triggered. It goes in 1s intervals, so lots of margin of error, but in the end we're all at the mercy of the Strava Segment Gods. 🤣

The overall series is still really close in a few categories, while some are pretty much wrapped up (both the A fields for example.) In the Open B's only 12pts separate Tyler V and myself from the top spot, and Adam in 3rd is still in striking distance. In the C's it's even closer with Suzy leading Heidi by just 10pts! Can't wait to see how that turns out!!

Speaking of which, our segments this week feature one final climb (that's a two-hitter), and a speedy straight-away that's slightly downhill, so again we could see some other names in the mix, hope you enjoy them!

And in slightly lower category racing, the Super Worlds wrapped up this week! So much great racing to watch, one of the best Canadian results was Comox/Victoria racer Emilly Johnston, who worked her way up from 10th to 4th in the U23 MTB race, just seconds away from a podium!! But that was about all for local racers; Riley was taken out in the road race, and I'm not sure what happened to Sarah Van Dam on the road. Lots of well earned World Champs out there now tho!

And just another reminder for those interested in cyclocross and gravel riding, my Cyclocross Skills School clinic series starts in one week, on Aug 20th, and the two Sundays after that (and Cross on the Rock starts the following week!) Learn all the fundamental skills you need for cyclocross, including riding over a range of terrain and other bike handling skills - super handy for gravel riders as well! Details and sign-up are here:


Notes for the week:

No errors last week, yay! Just about botched one rider this week, but caught myself. (Perhaps others tho..eeep) And we've got another new rider joining us, and a few more returning for some final efforts, love to see that!


If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


This week's sponsor is the new website They say:

We've now got the E-MTB category at Worlds, so it's not motorbiking!!!

Why limit this to MTB riding? Motors in bikes (still not motorbikes!) should be considered in racing across all ranges, so we're pushing for the inclusion of E-Road Bike Racing for the 2025 World Championships!

This racing features all the same action as boring old 'regular' road racing, but everyone goes pretty much the same speed uphill! Doesn't that sound like some great bike racing! (Again, not motorbike racing!)

And we don't want to stop there, E-BMX and E-Track bikes are on the way too, and should all be included in future iterations of the World Championships. (Because it's just not motorbiking.)

Check out our site and sign our petition of support, and subscribe to our site, and use #ItsReallyNotAMoped for 20% off all our swag!


Arcade Fire has been one of my favourite Canadian bands, currently got Funeral playing, great tunes to pop up on shuffle when riding as well.

Unfortunately they're a bit soured with some of the accusations against their lead singer Win Butler.. There's been no legal action I'm aware of, but isn't great to see. At what point do we stop listening to a band? Interesting question.. 🤔 🎶


The A's

Some close times with our fast ladies this week, with Laura and Jen tying on the sprint segment (and both taking the QOM!) The hill was also very close, with 3 seconds separating them, but Laura edged out on top! (Also taking another QOM!) Nice to see K :) and Lindsay logging times as well!

Dan Blackwell after a little encouragement has returned (yay!), and while he hasn't been riding as much lately, at least gave Julian some company in the A's. No KOMs this week, but still a stinkin' fast hill climb from him, the only to crack 2mins and well ahead of anyone else!

The B's

Surprisingly no Laura this week! But I'm glad to see Maria back, and took top points!

On the side of the guy, lots of really close times, as expected.. Again, I claimed the fastest time (darn that Vinko, 1s faster!!), and owe good weather conditions that day as part of the credit.. Alex, Colin and Ron all tied with 30s, and in 3rd were Dave B, Glenn, and Travis O with 31s. The hill was another story, and Adam's 2:13 was the second fastest time of all, followed by Colin and Tyler V.

The C's

Heidi had a great sprint as well, taking top spot there, followed by Kathy and Suzy. The climb suited Kathy more however, and Tijana posted a great time for 2nd, and 3rd went to Lani this week! (I suspect some of the other times were due to stopping too close to the start of the segment, and that triggered the 'start', and it started ticking before actually riding off... Pro tip: always be sure to get well clear of the start point!!) Looking forward to how this turns out next week!

Newcomer Todd Rooker threw down the gauntlet and set the fastest times in both segments! Don and Juan tied for 2nd on the sprint, and Kit held on for a podium spot. On the climb Juan rode the 2nd fastest time, and Quinton claimed 3rd, in a week that series leader Kit was nearly shut out, what an upset!! Love seeing this level of competition!!


As usual the QOMs went to Laura, and the KOMs remained 'safe' this week.

Early bird was Ron M, and the secret time of 27s for the sprint was actually hit by three people: Jen and Laura both got 5pts, but as organizer I feel in fairness that I should be omitted from some bonuses, and this is one of them. And no Socialite points awarded as well. The Local Legend curse was also not in play this week.


This week's prizes are the Gift Cards for Goldsteam Bicycles!

There's 7 remaining, and since the prizes for the final week lean a bit more heavily towards female riders, I'll do 3x Female riders and 4x Open, and our lucky peeps are:

The Squaremeat
Maria Morano
K :)

Tyler Venn 🇨🇦
Peter Burgess
Kit St. John
Adam Wadden 🇨🇦 🐺

Congrats! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices!

And in case any were wondering, as promised at the beginning of the season I've implemented a limit of 2 prizes per person, and unless I've messed up, that ought to be the case!

For Week #9, our final week, I'll be doing something a bit different - I'll be sending out a link in the next day or two with a quick selection form, and you can choose which items you'll want to be in the running for, and the final prizes will be:

  • a medium-fitting Decathlon jacket donated by Mike Huffman
  • several Giant women's items, including a few really nice pair of padded winter bib shorts
  • 4x OBB gravel bike day rentals (which can be used for our Season 3 Gravel Segment Challenge!)
  • 2x helmets from WestShore Bikes (still have to collect them, so awaiting details)

Again, I'll be sending out a special link to sign up for which items you're interested in, and all who ride at least one segment this week can be included! (And since it's a bit of a special draw, I'll be ignoring all the previous name pulls, so ALL will be in the running.)

As always a huge thanks to all our supporters, check out the prize list!!

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Week #9 - Aug 14th - 20th - One Last Hurrah!

It's the end of Season 2, and the end of our road segments! This week we're back to upper Cordova Bay, and feature a Haliburton climb, but probably not the one you're thinking of! And we wrap things up with a bit of a coaster - you could probably ride it without even pedalling, but for those still in the game, it's a fun fast road!

Segment 9A Name: Climbing that cherry tree to Bossi
Deets: 1.14km, 47m elevation gain.
This is a new segment, QOM is Amanda G with a 3:41, KOM is Eugene Hahn with a 3:12, Local Legend is no one currently.

This one is a rough start - straight uphill on the backside of Haliburton, but you've got a nice separated bike lane at least! It levels out, a right hander, and then you've got a final kick up Bossi. Since this is a new segment, I expect we'll see a new QOM & KOM! Will it be you?

Segment 9B Name: Santa Clarita
Deets: 1.30km, 0m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is Steph Martinek with a 1:49, KOM is Chuck Detheridge with a 1:35, Local Legend is Lucy Choi with 25 efforts.

It's the final road segment! Coast it or go for a fast time, it'll be over before you know it, just like Season 2 of the Segment Challenge! The end point is a bit close to Cordova, so be mindful of the corner there, but enjoy some higher speeds!

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️

Updated on the site: New Hints, and as always Routing for this week:

The sprint finish line,
somewhere around here!

Another climb!
Here we are on the pre-ride
the next time hurt!

I meant to send this out earlier, if you haven't seen it, I've got a blog post with a ton of tips on getting PRs on Strava, take a peek if you haven't:

I'm gonna miss this, the road version of the Segment Challenge will start up again next spring, but there's still a Season 3 coming up, it'll start September 11th, and will be a Gravel version! For safety it'll be mostly non-competitive, simply ride the segment for points, but there are a few I have in mind that ought to be safe to put in an effort on too. Watch this space!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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