We're headed to Cordova Bay!
Hello Segment Riders!

Hey everyone! This is it, all systems go, prepare for launch!

To start we're sticking with the QOM/KOM theme, and both are climbs!

Below are the briefs on the segments, hit up the site for suggested routing (if unfamiliar with the are) plus hints for next week!

Week #1 - Feb 27th - Mar 5th - Cordova Bay Climbs

We're headed to Broadmead for the first week of the Victoria Segment Challenge!

Overall these will favour our climbers, but the second segment could see some TT-style riders atop the podiums!

Segment 1A Name: Woodside-Amblewood 1k

Deets: 1.01km, 56m elevation gain.

This is an existing segment, QOM is The Squaremeat with a 2:44, KOM is Sam Garber with a 2:14, LL is Lucy Choi with 9 efforts.

Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/7220482

I'm surprised to see many haven't gone up this full climb! It's not terribly long or steep, but there's a good pitch at the start, as well as the top. Nice and safe climb and quiet road. Fantastic stretch if riding more casually there's a nice pathway before the corner that you can use to cut through and enjoy the rest of the roads 'above' Lochside. It'll be tough to claim either the QOM or KOM on this one!

Segment 1B Name: Fowler to Walema - more like wall to foul!!

Deets: 1.57km, 67m elevation gain.

This is a new segment I created, QOM is Michaela PQ with a 6:33, KOM is Devon De l'argent with a 4:25. LL is unclaimed!

Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/33787976

I created this segment for the Challenge, as I didn't want to use more common hills in this area since they're mainly just nasty pitches and wanted a bit more variety and something new for people to ride. You've probably ridden by this end of Cordova Bay Rd a million times, but wisely have ignored it and rode past. It starts with the familiar uphill on Fowler, then turns into a real nasty grunt, but levels out for a while and a final short kick on Walema. There's two left hand turns, which I try to avoid on segments (as traffic can be a factor), but these are quiet roads, with good visibility and probably won't be carrying too much speed, but do be careful of course! This could favour TT-style riders over focused climbers. New KOM and QOM pretty much guaranteed, who will it be??

Final notes: hope you enjoy these roads, and the weather plays nicely this week  good thing we didn't start last week!

It'll be fun to see who makes it out, and who gives them a go - feel free to share your thoughts and rides on the post in the Strava group! And I should add there's been some GREAT draw prizes donated, and am planning to draw items this week for a random A, B and C rider.

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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