Get thee to Hastings & Granville!
Hello Segment Riders!

Hi all! Sorry for the delay, took longer to set up the scoring sheet than I thought!

So Week #1 is a wrap - and what a week! Do you remember we started with SNOW??

There were a great bunch of people that eventually made it out, around 30 by my count which is phenomenal. Saw a few of you out there today too!

First a little housekeeping: if you haven't signed up (eg: picked your category, level, etc) - please do! There were a few names from the Strava Group that hadn't signed up (particularly Evan E, John L.)

Also, I've moved some people around - Julian and Harley from B to A (sorry Julian, if you get a fastest time overall, you're definitely not a B!) I've also moved Joel and Thom from the Cs to the Bs. (Thom, your time is a bit more reflective of a B, but I didn't see one of the segments for you, just FYI!) Maria - I think you'd be good in the Bs as well, please let me know if you'd like to swap levels!

Finally a couple changes to the scoring:

  • The Early Bird bonus wasn't explained well enough - it's for the rider with the earliest (that I can tell, unfortunately individual rides don't seem to show the start time!) time that's "locked in". So if you cruise the segment Monday, but then give it a solid go later in the week, that later time will be your 'time'. (Sorry, I can't sit there refreshing the segment to see who rode it first!)
  • The weekly timer now stops at 6pm Sunday (instead of 8pm as originally posted). So if you upload after 6pm, I probably won't be able to include your time (but feel free to reach out if it's not too much later.) I'd be up too late, and these emails go out even later if I left it at 8pm.

Okay, boring stuff out of the way! Now the fun stuff!

For the results, I'll try to keep this brief:

A's - a sweep for Claire, where are the other fast women at?? 5 seconds separated the Top 3 Open on Amblewood where Julian posted the fastest time, and Damian posted the fastest time on Cordova. He collected +5pts for the KOM, but he caught a curse, and became the Local Legend, so those were cancelled out with -5pts. That leave Julian and Damian sharing the top step this week with 97pts each.

B's - five fast ladies out, but K :) took the top step, Laura B is 2nd, and a 3rd place tie between Shannon and Jill. This is going to be a category to watch!

For the fellas,  this is our biggest group so far with 15 riders, and Travis came out strong, snagging a top time, and a second-best time, PLUS the Early Bird 5pts pushed him to the top. I'm sitting in 2nd, and there's a 3-way tie for 3rd between Jaryd, Jon and Adam (who just snuck his efforts in last minute, coming back from the US.)

C's - Maria was the sole C rider on the Female side, and Dan and Mikael will have a good duel to look forward to!

Secret times! 1A was 3:15, and there were some close ones, but not quite. For 1B, it was 6:17, and incredibly Mikael nailed it!! Are you hacking into my computer or something??

All the scores are now listed on the site!


There's some great swag this week, I'll be giving away three items donated by Cycles West, which includes a floor pump, Conti 5000 tire, multi-tool and more!

You can check out all the prizes (as I am given them) here, still lots more to be added to the pile:

This week I'm drawing a random name from all A, B and C riders, and the lucky winners are:

A - Harley Machielse

B - Jon Clark

C - Maria Morano

Congrats you guys! I'll be sending a follow-up email with the details!

Finally, here are the details for the next two segments - this is one of my favourite areas to ride:

Week #2 - Mar 6 - 12 - Visiting Hastings & Granville

Have you ridden around Hastings & Granville? Not the infamous Vancouver area, but the lovely country roads just outside of the city!

This will be a bit less fun for the climbers, and more for our TT and Puncheurs!

Segment 2A Name: Grinding Up Granville

Deets: 1.29km, 39m elevation gain.

This is an existing segment, QOM is The Squaremeat with a 2:21, KOM is Brent Dalimore with a 2:01, LL is John Hayward with 8 efforts.


This is a repeat from a previous KOMpetition season, too fine not to dine twice on this segment! Rolls into a fairly gentle climb, but you can gas out too early, watch for where it actually finishes! Can anyone crack 2mins?

Segment 2B Name: Lead Foot

Deets: 1.19km, 0m elevation gain.

This is an existing segment, QOM is Mega Rath with a 1:54, KOM is Bill Chimko with a 1:33, LL is Richard Miller with 5 efforts.


This one starts fast, and if you carry enough speed, you can roll up each of the inclines, making for a pretty speedy segment. The current co-KOM is a pretty fast guy, gonna be hard to take Mark (and Bill) down!


Many of you rode up Amblewood this week!

Curious if y'all are checking out the 'Suggested Routing' section? It's just below the Segments section on the website, make sure you do if not familiar with the area, I also include suggestions for incorporating those roads into a ride!

The Hints for Week #3 are also up!

I'm gonna wrap it up there, hopefully I got all the scoring, etc, correct, but if not feel free to hit reply, otherwise hope you've been enjoying this so far.

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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