It's hills week!
Hello Segment Riders!

Hello everyone, we had a pretty great week for riding, although the wind was not favourable for Tyndall the latter half! Great to see several of you out at the North Saanich race today, and I know some of you were racing the Island Cup MTB at Hartland as well!

We're continuing to grow, over 40 people rode segments this week, which is very cool to see. Keep it up, hopefully the segments this week don't scare people off - it'll be a fun challenge! 😁


Just a few notes:

Hello John Lee! I have you as joining the Strava Group, but not signing up on the website, need you to do both in order to get rankings and win prizes!

Otherwise I think everything is in order this week! I'm considering combining the Female field (A, B & C), since we've only had a lone A, and this week one C has joined, so this might make more sense..if we don't see these numbers increase in this coming week, I'll combine all and rejig the results for next week.

If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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The A's

Claire remains uncontested! Damian locked in the fastest overall times, AND got a KOM, and good duels between Reagan and Harley this week!

The B's

So great seeing so many B's!

On the Female side, K :) never strayed far from the 'top step', with another 1st and QOM, but Laura got in a faster time on the B segment, and Justine had some great times mixing in a 2nd & 3rd!

Over with the gentlemen, we've welcomed a few more riders, but John MacDonald was the Early Bird, Adam rode the secret time of 2:12 on the A segment (and no one rode a 3:15 on the B), and sadly Amir claimed the Local Legend title, losing 5pts.

Travis claimed the glory on the A segment, two seconds faster than Jon Clark, and on the B segment Travis also got 1st, but I managed to ride the same time, so we're tied there. Jon claimed second again this segment, and Adam captured 3rd on both.

The C's

Welcome Wendy, our first Female C rider! Good job getting out there! In the Open field we're welcoming Kit St. John, but glory goes to Marc and Matt who tied on the A segment, but Dan had the edge on the B segment, with Mikael collecting 2nd both efforts as well!


This week is Fort St Cycles week! They've got some fantastic prizes, including a Skingrowsback handlebar bag which is all the kids are raging about these days.

They've got 5 prizes (or bundles, like 2x water bottles), so I'm going to add in some Algi Food bars, and every winner also gets 2x those (as a minimum). I've drawn 6 names, 2x A, 2x B and 2x C, and the draw winners this week are:


Joel Cave


Two lucky newcomers!! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top choices!

For Week #4, let's go back to Cycles West, I'll be giving away their remaining items, thanks again to all our supporters, check out that prize list!!

Week #4 - Mar 20 - 26 - Lagoon Lamentations

We're headed to the Lagoon this week, and this one's for the climbers! Well the A segment for sure. Ouch. What was I thinking? The B segment rolls quite nicely, and even tho according to Strava there's more elevation, you'll carry a lot more speed, so the TT folks might gain an edge on this one.

Segment 4A Name: Milburn Dr climb
Deets: 0.76km, 43m
This is an existing segment, QOM is Noah S with a 2:43, KOM is Chris MacLeod with a 1:51, LL is Logan Sadesky with 5 efforts.

I've only ever ridden this segment once, and it was back in 2012. I was out for a cruise, and ran into Rob Britton, and joined him for his ride, and he took us up this way. Ouch. Be sure to save something once you hit the corner, woof!

Segment 4B Name: Ocean Blvd - The Ascent To Colwood (ha!)
Deets: 2.01km, 65m
This is an existing segment (although I made it years ago!), QOM is Mega Rath with a 4:04, KOM is Cole Glover with a 3:16, LL is Rob Britton with 4 efforts.

Oddly enough this is a segment I created a looong time ago! This is the much more reasonable climb out of the lagoon; it starts with a kick, but rolls after that and is actually quite fast most of the time. Will be interesting to see the time splits with a bit of a longer segment!

Happy riding!!

Updated on the site: Week #5 Hints, and Routing for this week:

How we feel sometimes after our efforts into a headwind!

How we sometimes feel after our efforts into a headwind!

That's a wrap for this week, so great to see so many more out there, hope you're all having fun!

A quick heads up that I've been posting various Victoria cycling updates to the social channels (like a tip to the new Central Saanich crit course), my handle is @AboutTheRideCA (like the domain name, without the 'dot'), or click here for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook ("Facebook - which is like Tik Tok, but for racists!" - I think that quote was from the Daily Show in the last week. 🤣🤣🤣) Don't leave me there talking to myself!! haha

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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