It's hills week!
Hello Segment Riders!

Hey all! Conditions this week was a bit of a mixed bag, some record windy days, but not a particularly helpful wind...good on those who got out, a few less than last week, but we've also got 6 new riders, thanks for joining us!!


Just a few notes:

Last week I mentioned the possibility of combining the Female fields, but with a new A rider (yay Lindsay!) I'm going to leave it for now..fingers crossed we see a few more join in, tho this is still under consideration!

I will highlight that the wonderful Dan Blackwell is on notice - his B seggie time demolished everyone including the A rider times this week! Better switch to an MTB for your efforts or I might have to upgrade you. 😁

If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


This email is sponsored by Amgen(Tm), the event is now officially the Amgen Victoria Segment Challenge with their message:

"Please ignore the irony of the makers of an infamous doping product sponsoring a major cycling event - it's FINE! Don't do drugs, mmmkay?"


Listening to Lana Del Rey's new album while working on results tonight..not quite my jam, and a bit slow for editing spreadsheets, but on first listen sounding like a solid album overall.


The A's

Claire is away this week, but let's welcome Lindsay to the fray!

The fast guys have a couple new faces, and Louis FL jumped in with both feet, claiming the fastest time on the A segment, and closest of our little club to that nasty KOM time. Harley was the fast man on the B segment however, just a couple seconds faster than Damian and newcomer Chad. Looking forward to more of these duels!

The B's

The B field continues to grow!

On the Female side, Laura and  K :) keep battling for the top spot, Laura's A effort was particularly fast! Maria took 3rd on both segments as well, nice job moving up!

Over with the fellas, we've welcomed a few more riders, including Roberto who claimed the Early Bird bonus points.

Dan Blackwell cleaned up this week - including the fastest overall time on the B segment! Watt machine Travis actually tied Dan on the A segment, and Logan was third fastest on that mean old climb. I somehow managed 2nd on the B segment, and Kevin was just behind, and a lot of very close times separating many of us!

The C's

Sadly no Female riders this week! The Open field gained two more riders, but Matt and Marc continue to set the bar, and newcomer Tyler Venn got 3rd on the climb, and Tyler Galts and Mikael rounded out the B segment.

The Secret Times this week were 2:36 and 4:14, but no one rode these times. Kirk picks up 5pts for being a Socialite and the only person to do a social media post mentioning the ATR account (retroactively, it was last week but I missed it originally), very sad no one's going for those points! 🀩


This week is the remaining Cycles West prizes, plus another $20 Cinnaholic Gift Card.

As promised I've drawn 6 names, 2x Female, 4x Open, and the draw winners this week are:

K :)
Jennifer R

Rob Lunney
Kit St. John
Dan Blackwell
Chad Grice

I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top choices!

For Week #5, we'll be giving away the goodies from Oak Bay Bikes. Thanks again to all our supporters, check out that huge prize list!!

Week #5 - Mar 27 - Apr 2 - Mo' Munn-y, Mo Problems

More climbs, folks! This week we're going to Munn, and there's a nice long segment on it - I will be very surprised if there are ties this week. The second segment isn't terribly interesting, except that this section of the road is finally no longer a pitfall of potholes, so you can really give it a go!

Segment 5A Name: Munn's west before the crest!
Deets: 3.61km, 150m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Mega Rath with an 8:17, KOM is Rob Britton with a 6:53, LL is Fred Blouin-Comeau with 22 efforts.

Not too much to say about this; it starts partway up Munn, and you'll want to zoom in to see where it ends…I believe just before that final steep bit but you'll want to verify, I haven't been out there in a while! On the bright side, I'll be very surprised if anyone claims the LL status. In this instance I feel like I ought to give a reward if someone does! 🀣

Segment 5B Name: burnside west after prospect
Deets: 0.98km, 14m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Rhonda Callender with a 1:53 (from 2013!), KOM is Strava Athlete with a 1:26, LL is Steve Sparkes with 17 efforts.

Another road nearly all have ridden at some point or another - just a short, fast little hill. I don't think the surface has ever been this nice though, so a good chance to really boot it up the hill! And surprising the QOM is actually back from 2013. Overall going easy on you after Munn. πŸ˜‰

Happy riding!! πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ

Updated on the site: Week #6 Hints, and Routing for this week:

This photo doesn't do that final bit justice!

Warning - steep hill, but don't say I didn't warn you!! 🀣

That's a wrap for this week, so great to see so many more out there, appreciate the feedback and hope you're all continuing to have fun!

A reminder that I've been posting various Victoria cycling updates to the social channels (did you know the Observatory road is open again? Or did you see my huge list of tips to getting PRs on your Strava segments?), the handle is @AboutTheRideCA (like the domain name, without the 'dot'), or click here for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Start or join in the conversation there as well!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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