Longer segments this week, and just who is Ms. Dooley?!
Hello Segment Riders!

Howdy everyone! Another strange week - it looked like rain nearly the entire week, but turned out not too bad...depending on where you rode at least!

A random insight on the segments this week: a number of people had nearly identical A and B times, within a few seconds, kind of interesting.

Quick reminder that these are individual efforts, so no team efforts (eg drafting) on any segments.

And yet more people have joined in, welcome to our type-A fun club! 😊


Just a few notes:

Newcomer Juan C. Sanchez-Arias signed up as a C, but the ride time seems to fit in better with the Bs, hope that's okay!

If there are any errors, omissions, issues, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit reply!


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There's a fresh release from one of my favourite Canadian bands, The New Pornographers - I've given in a few spins, not as creative or engaging as earlier albums, and has a bit too much of a 'hum' in the overall sound, but still carries on a lot of their musical themes and is quickly familiar.


The A's

Claire's doing an exceptional job holding her top spot!

Very close times in the A segment, but Harley pulled out the W with a blistering 2:57, the only to crack 3mins. (Apparently he rode it so hard he was too tired to give the second a serious effort!) Louis and Damian were 2nd & 3rd. On the B segment Louis got the upper hand with a 3:01, followed by Damian and Julian (who I'm happy to see back!) Harley and Louis also claimed the KOMs for those segments and were awarded bonus points.

The B's

The B field is having a lot of great duals!

On the Female side, Laura got the upper hand on both segments, edging out Justine by a couple seconds and Shannon picking up some speed on the first segment, and Shannon carried on that theme and edged out Justine on the B segment! Sadly the QOMs didn't get claimed this week, Rhonda keeps her crowns for another day!

Another four new riders in the B field this week! But familiar names held the top spot, with Travis claiming another two Ws. Jon was 2sec off on the A, and I held Travis to 3 seconds on the B. Travis did lose 5pts for claiming the Local Legend status! Peter, Kirk and Kevin are picking up speed as the season wears on with top times as well!

The C's

Welcome Lani to the C's, Wendy finally has someone to compete with! Wendy took the first segment unchallenged, but Lani edged her out for the B segment.

Over with the gents a couple familiar faces were missing this week, opening up the podium possibilities! Alan claimed both wins, and Mike and Mikael swapped 2nd and 3rd in the two segments.

The Secret Times this week were 4:11 and 5:29, and lots of close calls, but no hits. Lara was the original Early Bird, but re-rode the segment, so the 5pts go to Mikael this week!

Also I'm a bit surprised but only 30 people rode the Bonus segment (the Seabrook Crit), but you should see 10pts in the Bonus B section (didn't want to edit the table more. ;) If you liked that lap, there's a race there Sunday the 16th!


This week the prizes from Fairfield Bicycles are on deck!

I'm pulling 2 people from the A, B and C fields, and the luck people are:

Julian Cameron
Harley Machielse

Alex LaJeunesse
John Lee

Wendy Taylor
Lani *

I swear this is about as random as I can do it, but somehow first-timers seem to keep getting drawn! I'll email you all privately later tonight with details, note that the first to reply will get their top prize choices!

For Week #7, winners will be feasting! There'll be Gift Cards for Cinnaholic, Meet on Blanshard and Virtuous Pie! To qualify you have to ride at least one segment this coming week. Thanks again to all our supporters, check out that huge prize list!! 


Week #7 - Apr 10 - 16 - The Hunt Is On

As promised, a road pretty much everyone is familiar with, but a couple surprise twists! We've got another longer segment this week with two sapping climbs, and a shorter segment, but much faster over all with some gentle gradients. Both were created for the Segment Challenge - and both QOMs and KOMs should be claimed this week!

Segment 7A Name: No time to stop for Ms. Dooley!
Deets: 4.31km, 84m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Laura Mac with a 23:09, KOM is Curtii Schlossberger with a 9:45, there is no LL.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/34090166

You've ridden by Dooley a zillion times, some may have even crossed over to Lochside on here…but how many have ridden up that nasty kicker on Dooley? (Well, Strava says 10 of you, and nearly half were 2015 or before!) I could have gone with a shorter version of this, but thought it'd be fun to make another long segment and start on Martindale and add in an extra climb. Be sure to enjoy the view on the way back down tho!! (There's a left hander atop Dooley, but it's at the top of a steep pitch, and seems like a pretty darn quiet road, so shouldn't be any danger!)

Segment 7B Name: We Are The Campions!
Deets: 2.73km, 42m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Elizabeth Carr with a 5:21, KOM is Neil Hodgson with a 5:04, there is no LL.
Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/34090175

Another road you've been by frequently but probably haven't been along..well, Strava says 9 have. 😉 You'll get some good speed on the run in, but save a bit for the end as it does go up a bit… And if I mapped it out correctly, there's actually a bit of a 'finish line' on the road. And did any fellow sci-fi nerds get my Necromancer reference in the hint? It's a reference to the excellent sci-fi series Raised by Wolves.

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️

Updated on the site: Week #8 Hints, and Routing for this week: https://abouttheride.ca/victoria-segment-challenge/

This photo doesn't do that final bit justice!

My preferred view of Brookhaven!

Alison Jackson's Paris-Roubaix Femmes victory is historic, and it was incredible to watch - she fought valiantly for that race, and her grit and determination really paid off.
Bonus hint: next week's segments are inspired by Paris Roubaix!

That's a wrap, thanks as always for tuning in! Hoping the weather improves, I keep wanting to shave my beard, but I look at the forecast and think....brrrr....nope!

Safe and speedy riding all! 🚲

- Dave

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