Just looking for some advice? Dave is happy to consult with you! Cost is $60 per hour for a call or video chat, and $75 per hour in person (including on-bike sessions). Below are suggested topics, but feel free to reach out if you’ve got something else in mind!

Cycling Related

  • Training – just looking for some quick advice on training or intervals? Let’s chat!
  • On-Bike Form Review – sort of like a rolling bike fit, how’s your TT position, sprint or climbing form?
  • On-Bike Course Review – got a TT or race coming up (or even a targeted Strava segment), and not sure how to take advantage of the course to make the most of your strengths? Let’s ride the course and go over it section by section. Rarely are any of these simply ‘go as hard as you can’!
  • Bike Skills – from hopping up a curb to cornering fast to sport-specific skills like running through barriers and stairs in cyclocross, let’s get these fundamentals skills in your toolkit!
  • Gear – not sure what wheels or saddle or bike computer or power meter to get? Let’s figure out your needs, and set you up with the best match!

Vegan Related

  • Nutrition Fundamentals – getting all your essential nutrients as a vegan isn’t rocket science, but there are some pitfalls to watch out for!
  • Grocery Store Tour – not sure what’s vegan, or what you’re missing? Let’s tour your grocery store, and discover all the items you may be missing!
  • Meal Plan Consult – it’s about the carbs! It’s also about fiber, protein, and a good mix of healthy veggies, legumes, fruit, grains and more, let’s make sure you’re covering the bases!


  • 20% discount for 19 & under riders
  • 20% discount for those already on a Coaching program
  • Dave is not a dietician, nor pretending to be one. For serious medical concerns please consult medical professionals. These consults are just a general overview, and not intended to be a thorough account of any dietary issues.