Cyclocross Skills School

Cyclocross Skills School 2023!

NOTE: The 2023 CX Skills School series is over! But if you’re interested in a clinic, there may be a follow-up, send a note through the contact page and I’ll let you know if this happens. If interested in 2024, simply fill out the RSVP form below, and I’ll send you a note when details are solidified, likely early August 2024!

– Dave

Join our fun and informative clinics, around 2hrs each, over three Sundays, great for beginners, or anyone looking to top off and improve their cyclocross skills. Cross on the Rock is coming up fast, make sure you’re ready!!

Best bike choices are a cyclocross bike, but gravel or mountain bikes work too! Will be in parks in Victoria/Fairfield.

The first clinic will be Sunday, August 20th, 2023, 10am start, $25.

⇒ RSVP required, takes just a minute! (Preferably well before noon Saturday before each clinic.)

Here’s the PDF poster for the clinics.

Also check out our Cyclocross & Gravel racing resources page, and Season 3 of the Victoria Segment Challenge will be a ‘gravel’ version, beginning around the middle of September!


Clinic Details:

August 20th, 2023 – Cyclocross Fundamentals:

  • Great for beginners & those interested in sessioning these skills
  • Intro to cyclocross, a brief on the history of the sport
  • Dismounting & remounting techniques, and barriers
  • Shouldering and stairs
  • Brief grass & cornering intro

August 27th, 2023 – Fundamentals Recap & Grass:

  • Recap of dismounting & remounting techniques, with more advanced barrier practice
  • Recap of shouldering and stairs
  • Recap and more advanced grass & cornering
  • Off-camber grass

September 3rd, 2023 – Quick Recap, Starts & Sand:

  • Brief recap of dismounting & remounting techniques
  • Brief recap of shouldering and stairs
  • Recap grass & cornering & off-camber
  • Starts – tips for getting a quick start, and getting to the front of the field
  • Life’s a beach – riding sand & loose stuff!

Each clinic will feature a mix of instructional chat, Q&A (like wondering about tire pressure?), and riding and technique practice, as well as some fun mini competitions to practice these skills!

RSVPs are required, please fill out this quick questionnaire to reserve your spot, ideally before Saturday at noon before each clinic! Have a question? Don’t hesitate to send a note!

Other Local Cyclocross Resources

For all the island cyclocross racing action, head over to to our new Cyclocross & Gravel page!

Happy Cyclocrossing!!

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