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Cyclocross on the island is a bit of a big deal!

We’re lucky to have the Cross on the Rock race series, started in 2006, featuring several races up and down the island each year! Plus there’s a Wednesday night ‘practice’ race series, and the Tripleshot group has nearly daily cyclocross/gravel group rides. There’s lots of gravel riding and racing too! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Cyclocross Skills School clinic series I organize that’s running each Sunday up to and including Sept 3rd.

The 2023 season details are now starting to take shape, check them out below!

And stay tuned, the Victoria Segment Challenge is going to hit the dirt for Season 3, starting September 11th!

Note: page last updated Nov 1st

Cyclocross Events

Cross on the Rock 2023, Season 17 Dates & Locations:

  • #1 – September 10th – Coal Cross in Cumberland
  • #2 – October 1st – Cross on the Commons in Qualicum
  • #3 – October 9th – Muck Off Cup in Bowen Park in Nanaimo (may also feature a special youth event)
  • #4 – October 22nd – Broad Street Cycles GP in Victoria (presumably at the Jordie Lunn Bike Park)
  • #5 – October 29th – Hot Crosse Bunnies at Beban Park in Nanaimo
  • #6 – November 12th – CoweX series final at the Cowichan Fair Grounds

Victoria’s ‘Underground’ Cross Club Practice Race Series:

  • What is Cross Club? Neat story on it here.
  • Cross Club is Canada’s oldest running CX series, started in 2003, and inspired Cross on the Rock!
  • ¬†Dates:
    • Ride #1 and Kickoff is September 13
    • Ride#2 is September 20
    • Ride#3 is September 27
    • Ride#4 is October 4
    • Ride#5 is October 11
    • Ride#6 is October 18
    • Possible Oct 25th date, weather and location permitting
  • Registration at:

Cyclocross BC Provincial Championships:

Cyclocross National Championships:

  • Nov 24th – 26th, Layritz Park, Victoria, (Interurban Camosun grounds), more details here

Gravel Events:

Other Links of Interest:

Cross on the Rock 2023
Who doesn't love stairs?

Happy Cyclocrossing!!

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