Report: 2023 Save-A-Turkey Trot

Report: 2023 Save-A-Turkey Trot

It was a fantastic day for the 2023 Save-A-Turkey Trot! This is the 8th edition, and held on September 30th this year! The Trot is a fun 5km walk/run held at Clover Point, and the last few have been fundraisers for the fantastic Home For Hooves Farm Sanctuary. They have several turkeys who could use sponsorship, click here to learn how! This year in addition to Virtual/Remote participants, we also added a physical event in Chilliwack, a big thank-you to Jim for organizing that! Plus we had a lemonade stand with some treats!

In 2022 we had over 40 total participants, including 15 virtual! Most were from Vancouver Island, but we also had some trotters from the mainland and as far as Calgary. We’re so happy to have so many from various areas join us!

This year we had around 50 total participants, most were at the Victoria event, but just 5 Virtual, and welcomed a handful of trotters in Chilliwack.

Our goal was to raise over $1000, which we were just short of in 2022, but thanks to this year’s participants we brought in $1184.25!! Way to go trotters!! All this will be going straight to H4H to help out their turkeys and all other residents.

Lots of great draw prizes were given out as well, for the Victoria event a big thanks to the following businesses for contributing:

Ash Refillery, Fern Cafe, Frickin’ Delight Donuts, MEC, Meet on Blanshard, Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, Green Cuisine, Vegan Supply, Virtuous Pie & Yates Coffee Bar. In Chilliwack we’d like to thank Book Man Used Books, Sprouted Oven, Stormy’s & The Veganist. Our Virtual/Remote competitors won some goodies thanks again to Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, Meet Restaurants (Main, Yaletown, Gastown, Blanshard), Vegan Supply & TerraLuv Vegan Fashion.

We had 12 runners in Victoria, and we’d like to commemorate their times, nice efforts!

  • Leonard Donnecke – 18:28
  • Sofia Donnecke – 23:22
  • Brett Henderson – 23:22
  • Marlon Taylor – 23:22
  • Jen Ward – 23:30
  • Sandra Hardy – 25:05
  • Candice Chapple – 25:12
  • Logan Beaulieu – 26:16
  • Lauren ? – 27:51
  • Tessa Cleveland – 27:51
  • Lillian Morpak – 36:37
  • Roxann Morpak – 36:37

A big thank you to Monica Taylor for helping co-organize the event, stay tuned for the 2024 Trot, and possibly more!

Below is a quick slideshow, also there’s a sign-up option if you’d like to get future Trot-related updates.

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