Victoria Segment Challenge – Season 1 Prize List

Strava segment snipers rejoice,
the bane of coaches everywhere is back!
/ O P E R A T I O N / S E G M E N T E D / R E A L I T Y /

It's time to drop some watts!

Victoria Segment Challenge – The Prize List!

Here’s our collection of prizes, lots of goodies to be given away, thank you so much to all our event supporters!

As items are given away, they will be crossed off the list.

Prize List

Algi Foods

Thanks to Algi Foods for the following:

    • (Note: as a prize will be awarded as a ‘pair’ of bars, one of each flavour)
    • 12x 6x 5x Original Impact Bars
    • 12x 6x 5x 1x Cocoa & Cacao Nibs Impact Bars
    • 2x each: Damien, Claire, Jarryd, Joel, Mikael, Wendy, K 🙂 (Podium), Ryan, Bruno, Tyler G, Shannon
Prizes - Algi Foods


Thanks to Cinnaholic for the following:

  • 12x 9x 8x 4x 3x 2x $15 Gift Card
  • Winners so far: Justine, K :), Mikael, Chad, Mike H, Tyler G, Ryan T, Dan B, Julian C, Damian (Podium), Jill(Podium), Louis(Podium).
Prizes - Cinnaholic

Cycles West

Thanks to Cycles West for the following:

  • Zefel Floor Pump Kit – SJ
  • Continental Grand Prix 5000 tire – Jon C
  • Supacaz Oil Slick Bottle Cage – K 🙂
  • Crank Bros. M13 Multi Tool – Dan
  • EVO Saddle Bag – Harley M
  • $20 Cycles West Gift Card – Jennifer R
  • $20 Cycles West Gift Card – Rob
  • 1 Free Tune up Coupon valued at $99.99 – Maria M
Prizes - Cycles West

Drop Naked

Thanks to Drop Naked chocolate for the following:

  • 76x 75x 68x 62x 18x 8x Salted Nut Caramel chocolate samples
  • Dave sampled one 😊
  • 7x to Week #8 prize winners
  • 6x to Week #9 prize winners
  • 6x to Week #10 prize winners
  • 4x to Week #11 prize winners
  • 44x to Commemorative Pin Awardees
  • Remainder to pin awardees.

Fairfield Bicyles

Thanks to Fairfield Bicycles for the following:

  • 6x Water Bottles – names below
  • 2x CO2 3-packs – Harley
  • 2x CO2 3-packs – Alex
  • 1x CO2 3-packs – John
  • Airace mini road pump – Juan
  • Airace mini road pump – Bruno
  • ABUS Nutfix Skewers – Julian
  • LG XL arm warmers – John MacDonald(Podium)
Prizes - Fairfield Bicycles

Fort St Cycles

Thanks to Fort St Cycles for the following:

  • Skingrowsback Lunchbox Handlebar Bag – Jarryd
  • FSC Shop Castelli Jersey – Wendy
  • Sportful Red Cap – Damian
  • 2x Water Bottles – Mikael
  • 1x Water Bottle – Claire
  • 1x Water Bottle – Joel
Prizes from Fort St Cycles

Goldstream Bicycles

Thanks to Goldstream Bicycles for the following:

  • 10x 3x $20 Gift Cards
  • Winners Week #8: Dan Blackwell, Peter Burgess, Travis Field, Jill P-S, Maria Morano, Alan Mackay, Wendy Taylor, CLaire(Podium), Laura B(Podium), Travis(Podium)
Prizes - Goldstream Bicycles

Giant Victoria

Thanks to Giant Victoria for the following:

  • Yellow Long Sleeve Winter Jersey – Size L – Dan Blackwell
  • Yellow Long Sleeve Winter Jersey – Size 2XL – Dan Shaw
  • Yellow Long Sleeve Winter Jersey – Size 2XL – Mikael(Podium)
Prizes - Giant Victoria

Meet on Blanshard

Thanks to Meet on Blanshard for the following:

  • $25 Gift Card – Shannon
  • $25 Gift Card – Kevin D

Nice Shoes

Thanks to Nice Shoes, and online vegan shoe & apparel shop from Vancouver for the following:

  • $25 Gift Card – Juan
  • $25 Gift Card – Alan Mackay

Oak Bay Bikes

Thanks to Oak Bay Bikes for the following:

  • Pair of OBB pint glasses – Laura
  • Pair of OBB pint glasses – David Taylor
  • Chain Pro Lube – Alan
  • Chain Pro Lube – Kathy
  • Stans Dart pack – Spencer
  • Knog Oi Classic Bell – Brandon
  • Orange OBB cap – Justine
  • Grey 7Mesh cap – John McD
  • Look pedal cleat covers
  • OBB toque – Louis FL
  • OBB toque – Kit
Prizes - Oak Bay Bikes

Russ Hay’s

Thanks to the Russ Hay’s Bicycle Shop for the following:

  • Russ Hay’s jersey (size medium, but can swap for other size, limited selection) – Jill P-S
  • Specialized bottle cage & bottle – Dan Blackwell
  • Specialized bottle cage & bottle – Quinton
  • Specialized bottle cage & bottle – Mikael

Vegan Supply

Thanks to Vegan Supply for the following:

  • 2x $25 Gift CardWinners: Justine, Shannon
Prizes - Vegan Supply

Virtuous Pie

Thanks to Virtuous Pie for the following:

  • 6x 4x 2x 1x $10 Gift Card
  • Winners so far: Bruno, The Squaremeat, Dan Shaw(Podium), The Squaremeat(Podium), Kit(Podium)
Prizes from Virtuous Pie

Westshore Bikes

Thanks to Westshore Bikes for the following:

  • Specialized Propero 3 White Helmet – Small – Joel
  • Giro Agilis MIPS Yellow Helmet – Medium – Winner: K 🙂

Yates Coffee Bar

Thanks to Yates Coffee Bar for serving up yummy vegan foods and the following prizes:

  • 5x 2x 1x $20 Gift Card
  • Winners so far: Jennifer R, Evan, Brandon, Tyler G, Lani (Podium)
Prizes - Yates Coffee

Thanks to our supporters!

A massive thank-you to the businesses below for contributing to our draw prizes!

Also, a huge thank-you to Dan Blackwell (@mortgagecyclist on IG) who’s contribution has purchased commemorative pins for the event! There are ‘gold’ ‘Podium’ pins to be awarded to 1st-3rd in each category, and 26 ‘silver’ pins that will be awarded as deep as can be arranged for each category that seems reasonable. These pins are perfect for saddle or handlebar bags, and a fun way to memorialize Season 1!

Good luck and have fun!

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