Victoria Segment Challenge – Season 1 Segment Archives

Strava segment snipers rejoice,
the bane of coaches everywhere is back!
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It's time to drop some watts!

Below is an archive of each week’s segments, relive the suffering!

This Week's Segments

Week #1 – Feb 27th – Mar 5th – Cordova Bay Climbs

We’re headed to Broadmead for the first week of the Victoria Segment Challenge!

Overall these will favour our climbers, but the second segment could see some TT-style riders atop the podiums!

Segment 1A Name: Woodside-Amblewood 1k
Deets: 1.01km, 56m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is The Squaremeat with a 2:44, KOM is Sam Garber with a 2:14, LL is Lucy Choi with 9 efforts.

I’m surprised to see many haven’t gone up this full climb! It’s not terribly long or steep, but there’s a good pitch at the start, as well as the top. Nice and safe climb and quiet road. Fantastic stretch if riding more casually there’s a nice pathway before the corner that you can use to cut through and enjoy the rest of the roads ‘above’ Lochside. It’ll be tough to claim either the QOM or KOM on this one!

Segment 1B Name: Fowler to Walema – more like wall to foul!!
Deets: 1.57km, 67m elevation gain.
This is a new segment I created, QOM is Michaela PQ with a 6:33, KOM is Devon De l’argent with a 4:25. LL is unclaimed!

I created this segment for the Challenge, as I didn’t want to use more common hills in this area since they’re mainly just nasty pitches and wanted a bit more variety and something new for people to ride. You’ve probably ridden by this end of Cordova Bay Rd a million times, but wisely have ignored it and rode past. It starts with the familiar uphill on Fowler, then turns into a real nasty grunt, but levels out for a while and a final short kick on Walema. There’s two left hand turns, which I try to avoid on segments (as traffic can be a factor), but these are quiet roads, with good visibility and probably won’t be carrying too much speed, but do be careful of course! This could favour TT-style riders over focused climbers. New KOM and QOM pretty much guaranteed, who will it be??


Get yourself to the base of Amblewood on Royal Oak via your favourite way (I like the route that takes you along Emily Carr). I’d encourage doing a preview of the segment, carry on around down Seamist, and you can cut through the ‘pathway’ to get back on Amblewood and enjoy the descent. Then give it a good effort! Continue the same way down Seamist, but make a left instead and head along Sea Ridge Dr, around the corner to Wesley. Turn left there, and right on Del Monte, and that takes you to the end of the second segment when you hit Walema!

Turn left on Walema, and you can either follow the route in reverse to the bottom, or continue along Alderley to Sayward, and enjoy the descent there, which leads perfectly into the start of the second segment.

Generally speaking, I really enjoy these roads (Amblewood to Sea Ridge to Del Monte to Alderley) as an alternative to Lochside, and if short on time you can make it a loop coming out Lochside (or reverse it and come out Lochside and turn onto Alderley off Sayward.) Either direction is a quiet and has nice tree cover, great on rainy or hot days.

Happy riding!!

Week #2 – Mar 6 – 12 – Visiting Hastings & Granville

Have you ridden around Hastings & Granville? Not the infamous Vancouver area, but the lovely country roads just outside of the city!

This will be a bit less fun for the climbers, and more enjoyable for our TT riders and Puncheurs!

Segment 2A Name: Grinding Up Granville
Deets: 1.29km, 39m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is The Squaremeat with a 2:21, KOM is Brent Dalimore with a 2:01, LL is John Hayward with 8 efforts.

This is a repeat from a previous KOMpetition season, too fine not to dine twice on this segment! Rolls into a fairly gentle climb, but you can gas out too early, watch for where it actually finishes! Can anyone crack 2mins?

Segment 2B Name: Lead Foot
Deets: 1.19km, 0m elevation gain.
This is an existing segment, QOM is Mega Rath with a 1:54, KOM is Bill Chimko with a 1:33, LL is Richard Miller with 5 efforts.

This one starts fast, and if you carry enough speed, you can roll up each of the inclines, making for a pretty speedy segment. The current co-KOM is a pretty fast guy, gonna be hard to take Mark and Bill down!


I really enjoy these roads, I’ll typically turn off Interurban onto Hastings, then turn right onto Granville, and take it to Burnside, and then another right up Burnside to the Goose (and either back into town, or head out further!) I’d suggest the reverse (Goose out and head right on Burnside after VGH), do the Charlton segment up to Granville first, recover for a few minutes, then carry on and do Lead Food on Granville. Turn around, and then right onto Hastings, there’s a really nice kicker at Holland before you’re on Interurban.

Happy riding!!

Week #3 – Mar 13 – 19 – Too Cool For School

I don’t think any of the KOMpetition segments were really in town…so let’s change that!

Both are climbs, but maybe not for the climbers…but hopefully we all have the luck of the Irish this week!

Segment 3A Name: Changed my mind, too nice out, going to skip class
Deets: 1.08km, 37m elevation gain.
This is a new segment I created, QOM is Claire Townsend with a 3:00, KOM is Ethan Pauly with a 2:38. LL is unclaimed!

This isn’t the segment I wanted.. The segment I wanted to create was basically the start of this, but just a short section between the two crosswalks on Gordon Head Rd. I wanted a ‘really nasty sprint’. You get no momentum from coming down the hill, and makes this practically a standing start..but Strava said the segment I wanted was too short, your loss! Instead you’ve got a pretty mean climb, and then a long, flat TT finish! No one in their right mind goes this way, the times are nowhere near potential, so the QOM/KOM should be wide open!

Segment 3B Name: Bend it like Beckham
Deets: 1.36km, 27m elevation gain
This is an existing segment, QOM is Jessica Dulong with a 1:52 Caileigh Filmer with a 2:29, KOM is Cole Glover with a 1:55, LL is Nic Pegg with 8 efforts.

NOTE: QOM Updated! Appears Jessica was driving, Caileigh is the new QOM

Sorry Jessica if someone else claims it, this is quite the QOM/KOM!! This is some type-A fun, it’s a very gradual climb, and I’ll be very surprised if anyone can top these times, I have a feeling there was some favourable wind in the past. But let’s see what you’ve all got! Fortunately whoever created this segment ended it in a good spot.

Suggested Routing

No really interesting routing tips for these, since they practically intersect and the first is part of common riding routes!

But if you’re coming in via the Goose/Lochside, look up the San Juan Greenway, it’s a really great way to get across down up by Mt. Doug. Basically you turn right off Lochside towards Blenkinsop (just before the gravel starts), cross over and up the first hill on Mt Doug X-Road, but turn left at the top, and near the very end is a paved pathway that takes you over to Parkside, and then Elnido across Shelbourne, and you’re onto the San Juan Greenway, which cuts all the way across to Gordon Head Rd! Great way to get across town, either direction, a few street crossings but no lights.

Happy riding!!

Week #4 – Mar 20 – 26 – Lagoon Lamentations

We’re headed to the Lagoon this week, and this one’s for the climbers! Well the A segment for sure. Ouch. What was I thinking? The B segment rolls quite nicely, and even tho according to Strava there’s more elevation, you’ll carry a lot more speed, so the TT folks might gain an edge on this one.

Segment 4A Name: Milburn Dr climb
Deets: 0.76km, 43m
This is an existing segment, QOM is Noah S with a 2:43, KOM is Chris MacLeod with a 1:51, LL is Logan Sadesky with 5 efforts.

I’ve only ever ridden this segment once, and it was back in 2012. I was out for a cruise, and ran into Rob Britton, and joined him for his ride, and he took us up this way. Ouch. Be sure to save something once you hit the corner, woof!

Segment 4B Name: Ocean Blvd – The Ascent To Colwood (ha!)
Deets: 2.01km, 65m
This is an existing segment (although I made it years ago!), QOM is Mega Rath with a 4:04, KOM is Cole Glover with a 3:16, LL is Rob Britton with 4 efforts.

Oddly enough this is a segment I created a looong time ago! This is the much more reasonable climb out of the lagoon; it starts with a kick, but rolls after that and is actually quite fast most of the time. Will be interesting to see the time splits with a bit of a longer segment!


There’s really not too much to getting there, just Goose it to Goldstream! Then decide which you want to do first…you’ll get a fair bit of recovery between efforts no matter which you choose. When riding out towards Metchosin, I much prefer to come back into town this way, so bomb down the steep hill, and cruise back up the other side. I almost never approach it from the other end…for obvious reasons! 🤢

Week #5 – Mar 27 – Apr 2 – Mo’ Munn-y, Mo Problems

More climbs, folks! This week we’re going to Munn, and there’s a nice long segment on it – I will be very surprised if there are any ties in time this week. The second segment isn’t terribly interesting, except that this section of the road is finally no longer a pitfall of potholes, so you can really give it a go!

Segment 5A Name: Munn’s west before the crest!
Deets: 3.61km, 150m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Mega Rath with an 8:17, KOM is Rob Britton with a 6:53, LL is Fred Blouin-Comeau with 22 efforts.

Not too much to say about this; it starts partway up Munn, and you’ll want to zoom in to see where it ends…I believe just before that final steep bit but you’ll want to verify, I haven’t been out there in a while! On the bright side, I’ll be very surprised if anyone claims the LL status. In this instance I feel like I ought to give a reward if someone does! 🤣

Segment 5B Name: burnside west after prospect
Deets: 0.98km, 14m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Rhonda Callender with a 1:53 (from 2013!), KOM is Strava Athlete with a 1:26, LL is Steve Sparkes with 17 efforts.

Another road nearly all have ridden at some point or another – just a short, fast little hill. I don’t think the surface has ever been this nice though, so a good chance to really boot it up the hill! And surprising the QOM is actually back from 2013. Overall going easy on you after Munn. 😉

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


Again, fairly straight-forward area to get to, you’ll probably want to Goose it out to the hospital. I’d advise doing the Burnside climb first, you won’t need the fast-twitch muscles nearly as much on the second effort…

Week# 6 – Apr 3 – 9 – Old Feeling, or Feeling Old?

This week we’re back to Saanich, but we head out a bit further. East & Old Saanich Rds and Oldfield don’t get much love, but have some great sections, so let’s change that! Both segments are ‘new’, and feature much less climbing than the last few weeks.

Segment 6A Name: Make it a right on White!
Deets: 1.84km, 33m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Rhonda Callender with an 3:19, KOM is Eugene Hahn with a 3:14, LL is Martin Choquette with 5 efforts.

Going straight on East Saanich makes for a pretty road section, but then you’re stuck on Keating. This alternative route avoids that. The first portion is a bit of a busy road, but you should be able to fly along nicely in the bike lane, then there’s a couple rights with a couple short kicks, and then becomes a slight incline for the final portion which ends well before the stop sign.

Segment 6B Name: Older and bolder
Deets: 1.74km, 45m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Rhonda Callender with an 3:52, KOM is Eugene Hahn with a 3:08, LL is Andy Achuff with 1 efforts.

This may be another one of those roads you’ve ridden by a million time, but along with that hill on Brookhaven, it cuts you over to Old West Saanich Rd, which is a gem itself (fun rolling roadway), but we’ll keep it relatively short and direct you back up to Sparton where you’ll pick up some speed! Careful on that left turn, the road is pretty quiet, and you’ll probably not be travelling too fast (after the hill), but be mindful on the turn.

Bonus Segment – Seabrook Crit

There’s a new crit in town! Actually it’s an old crit course, which was in use in the 90s, but now it’s coming back! This week I’m adding it in a ‘bonus’ segment, simply ride the segment, and you’ll get 10pts! There are no other points affiliated with this segment. Be sure to come back this way April 16th for the VCL crit!

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


You can make a nice loop of this by heading out Lochside, use the overhead crossing at Mt Newton, take it easy up that road, then get ready to blast it once you’re through the intersection! After the 6A segment, cross Stelly’s and you’re at the start of the Bonus segment, do a quick loop, then continue down the way you started, there’s a little gravel pathway and you’re on Oldfield at Keating. Up the hill, and down, and you’re ready for 6B. I’ll come back into town this way from Sidney/West Saanich as well, to mix things up and enjoy some different sights. After 6B, if feeling sporting, roll back down Oldfield to the first right, which is Elkwood, and that’s another gem of a road – there’s a kick at the start, but it’s a really pleasant ‘country road’. It takes you to the peak of Old West (make it a left there), and you can keep cruising back into town (I usually cross Quayle over to Interurban.) Hope you find some new favourite roads in there!

Week #7 – Apr 10 – 16 – The Hunt Is On

As promised, a road pretty much everyone is familiar with, but a couple surprise twists! We’ve got another longer segment this week with two sapping climbs, and a shorter segment, but much faster over all with some gentle gradients. Both were created for the Segment Challenge – and both QOMs and KOMs should be claimed this week!

Segment 7A Name: No time to stop for Ms. Dooley!
Deets: 4.31km, 84m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Laura Mac with a 23:09, KOM is Curtii Schlossberger with a 9:45, there is no LL.

You’ve ridden by Dooley a zillion times, some may have even crossed over to Lochside on here…but how many have ridden up that nasty kicker on Dooley? (Well, Strava says 10 of you, and nearly half were 2015 or before!) I could have gone with a shorter version of this, but thought it’d be fun to make another long segment and start on Martindale and add in an extra climb. Be sure to enjoy the view on the way back down tho!! (There’s a left hander atop Dooley, but it’s at the top of a steep pitch, and seems like a pretty darn quiet road, so shouldn’t be any danger!)

Segment 7B Name: We Are The Campions!
Deets: 2.73km, 42m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Elizabeth Carr with a 5:21, KOM is Neil Hodgson with a 5:04, there is no LL.

Another road you’ve been by frequently but probably haven’t been along..well, Strava says 9 have. 😉 You’ll get some good speed on the run in, but save a bit for the end as it does go up a bit… And if I mapped it out correctly, there’s actually a bit of a ‘finish line’ on the road. And did any fellow sci-fi nerds get my Necromancer reference in the hint? It’s a reference to the excellent sci-fi series Raised by Wolves.

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


Once again, pretty straight-forward to take Lochside or the ‘Waterfront’ route out. Be sure to enjoy the view out above Dooley! (There are some other segments referring to a Ms. Dooley, so I continued to play on that theme. I’m not insane, or know if there’s even a Ms. Dooley!) You can actually turn this into a short loop – at the top when you get to the highway, make a right, and then come back down the other end…although honestly I think it’s nicer to just avoid the highway and do a u-turn. The end of Campion leads to a gate, behind which is the beach where much of the TV series Gracepoint was filmed (with David Tennant). This road has lots of TV tie-ins! Good show if you haven’t seen!

Week #8 – Apr 17 – 23 – Ali Jackson Action Week!

This week is inspired by Alison Jackson and her epic Paris-Roubaix victory last week!! We’ll be heading over to the Crystalview neighbourhood, where I found some ‘cobbles’ and dirt! Some may recall another segment from a previous KOMpetition season, but almost no one in the group has recorded riding up either of these roads, so it’ll be a surprise for most! And both are pretty short as well.

Segment 8A Name: Crystalview
Deets: 0.49km, 56m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Tereza Jšj with a 7:08, KOM is Benoit Detering with a 1:54, Edwin Wong is the LL with 1 effort.

I wasn’t planning any unpaved riding, but came across this and thought it’d be apt. It’s pretty much all climb, and the final portion is a hardpack trail. It’ll probably reveal some interesting results, because there’s only so hard you can pedal before you spin out. Please stick to road bikes (unless you’ve been doing all previous segments on a gravel bike, in which case this is your week to shine!)

Segment 8B Name: Cobbles made of platinum
Deets: 0.60km, 37m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Tanna Allan with a 3:41, KOM is Eamonn O with a 1:54, there is no LL.

This one is a lot easier than it sounds. The street name is ‘Platinum’, and the ‘cobbles’ are smooth brickwork, but it fits the theme! There is a shortcut by staying to the left just before you hit the bricks on the final corner, I’m asking everyone to follow the proper traffic routing and remain to the right and take the ‘longer’ loop around that last cul de sac, thanks!!

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


Not too much to this one – the Goose and north end of the E&N connect to Atkins, which is right there. When you get to the top of 8A, you end up connected to another street, and can simply keep rolling down that road (so you don’t have to go back on the gravel!)

Week #9 – Apr 24 – 30 – Highlands Highground

The climbing continues this week, and it’s two longer ones, including our longest segment so far! 9A is shorter, but features a pretty grueling ascent. 9B is just grueling, fortunately the Old Mossy turn-off offers a bit of relief at the end, but it’s still a challenge just getting there!

Segment 9A Name: Willing yourself to Glen Nevis
Deets: 2.72km, 53m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Mega Rath with a 5:43, KOM is Andrew McCartney with a 4:34, there is no LL.

Inspired by a previous KOMp, which went up the other side of Durrance, I opted to extend the run-in, and add a bit extra at the top as well. What even is a Glen Nevis? Well when you find it you can stop pedaling! On the bright side you can coast and recover down the other side of West Saanich.

Segment 9B Name: Ain’t much coasting on the way to Old Mossy!
Deets: 3.92km, 167m Elevation
This is a new segment, QOM is Holly Henry with a 12:31, KOM is Rob Britton with a 9:03, there is no LL.

Some of us have already been up here, Rob Britton dragged our butts here on his wacky ride last month, I’d never been on Old Mossy! Apparently it’s the highest paved road in the Highlands, so let’s go there! 😂😭 I made a section starting where the climbing on Ross-Durrance really begins. For those about to complain, be thankful I didn’t start it way down at Wallace!! It’s a lot of up, but for the fastest climbers, this is your opportunity to send Rob Britton and Holly Henry notifications, I’m pretty confident the top times will be overcome! 💪💪

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


Not too many interesting options to get here, and most will probably want a direct maybe just pass by the Observatory on the way rather than adding in an effort there! Best avoid trying for any PBs on Willis Point Rd.

Week #10 – May 1 – 7 – All Hill No Mill

Sorry folks, this week is going to be a rough one! Ever been up to the Mill Hill neighbourhood? You haven’t if you know what’s good for you; ‘up’ is the operative word! Just around the corner from Crystalview, we’ve got a couple more climbs lined up, and as long as you love twisty climbs and straight climbs, this week will be for you! For the non-climbers like me, well, at least they’re short. 😭

Segment 10A Name: Kingsview Ridge Climb
Deets: 0.79km, 81m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Brianna Brandon with a 3:04, KOM is Riley Pickrell with a 2:09, Bruce More is LL with 1 effort.

I was actually kind of amazed when I rode up this. Really neat road, it’s all switchbacks, and pretty darn steep. Kind of wild they built houses along here, but at least we got this nifty road.

Segment 10B Name: Langvista Hill Climb
Deets: 0.87km, 11m* Elevation (this CANNOT be correct, likely ~80m)
This is an existing segment, QOM is Rhonda Callender with a 3:40, KOM is Elijah Buffalo with a 2:24, there is no LL.

This one is gonna leave a mark. It’s just a straight grind pretty much all the way. Maybe don’t sprint at the start of this one!

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


If coming from town, it’s likely just the Goose all the way! You can avoid riding on Atkins by taking that little ‘exit’ to the E&N, and take the new bike path past the tunnel, and then make the next right. Strava route file here. (I learned something new this week, thanks Laura! 😂)

Week #11 – May 8 – 14 – It’s Time to Fly!

We’re headed out to the Dean Park area which is terrifying for many – but you’re going downhill for the most part, welcome to speed week!! There’ll be lots of fast times, plus a bonus segment again.

Bit of a funny personal story on 11B, when I went to ride it previously, it was a nice sunny day, and as I was getting close on Lochside, I glanced over towards where it was, and there was a dark cloud hanging over…and yup, rained just in the spot where the segment was.

Segment 11A Name: McTavish East > West
Deets: 2.69km, 39m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Julia Gallant with a 4:17, KOM is Chuck Detheridge with a 3:46, John McManus is LL with 24 efforts.

Starts with a gentle uphill, maybe 30m of elevation over 1km, and then two big rollers that drop you down to West Saanich at speed! Anyone can do this one fast, but there are some tricks to doing it fastest!

Segment 11B Name: Cresswell Landing Strip
Deets: 0.65km, 0m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Caileigh Filmer with a 0:37, KOM is Martin Barakso with a 0:33, John McManus is LL with 13 efforts.

Another deja-vu segment for those who’ve done previous KOMpetitions, this one is all speed – down the hill into a full-on sprint, it’s like getting a lead-out into a sprint! If memory serves, there’s a fairly obvious ‘line’ at the end of the segment as well. Please ensure your brakes are in good working order! There’s a good amount of distance after the segment ends to slow down, but as always safety first.

Bonus Segment: Make a flower!

It’s Mother’s Day this week, which for some reason, like many holidays, is all about flowers, so let’s do some Strava art! (I’m sure your moms and partners will be deeply impressed!)

This takes us to the Sunnymead neighbourhood, and you’re basically just looping down each cul-de-sac.

There are no curses, no bonuses, no QOMs or KOMs, just 10pts for each rider who logs the segment! =) 🌺

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


This one is a bit of a trip to get to; some might be faster to come down Panorama, but if riding out on Lochside there’s a nice cycling overpass at the airport roundabouts that puts you right on McTavish, here’s a link to the route!

Week #12 – May 15 – 21 – The Gravity Challenge Finale!

This is it, the grand finale! It’s nothing too wild, but it’s inspired by a race format I’ve wanted to see happen for a while. Basically up and then back down the lower portion of Willis Pt. It’d be fun to have a ‘team’ format, with one rider doing the climb, and the other the descent, but we’ll all do both individually.

Segment 12A Name: Wallace to Ross Durance TT
Deets: 4.06km, 101m Elevation
This is an existing segment, QOM is Mega Rath with a 7:57, KOM is Rob Britton with a 6:26, Gregory Taylor-Lariviere is LL with 10 efforts.

This segment was featured in a previous KOMpetition! I recall stories of people getting dumped on the day they went and nearly going hypothermic, not as likely this week tho. Not too much to explain – it’ll wear your legs out at the start, but then picks up speed at the end!

Segment 12B Name: Ross-Durance to Wallace TT – Whoop whoop!
Deets: 3.81km, 20m Elevation
This is an new segment, QOM is Caleigh Filmer with a 4:39, KOM is Ryley Rohan with a 4:34, Keith Encinas is LL with 1 effort.

What goes up must come down! It’s a little bit of an uphill near the start, and then you’re flying the rest of the way, whoop whoop! There is another segment for this ( but it seems like it can be hard to trigger the start, and ends right in the intersection.

And that’s your final assignment for Season 1! 💪💪

Happy riding!! 🚵‍♀️


There’s really not a fun way to get here, out Interurban and then down West Saanich. If you’ve got fatter tires, there’s a nice pathway that runs parallel to West Saanich (and skips most of the climbs).

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