Victoria Segment Challenge – Season 3 Prize List

Strava segment snipers rejoice,
the bane of coaches everywhere is back!
/ O P E R A T I O N / S E G M E N T E D / R E A L I T Y /

It's time to drop some watts!

Victoria Segment Challenge – The Prize List!

Here’s our collection of prizes, lots of goodies to be given away, thank you so much to all our event supporters!

As items are given away, they will be crossed off the list.

Prize List

Cycles West

Thanks to Cycles West for the following:

  • Samantha Hoft – Gloves (W3)
  • Glennon Rosenbloom – multi tool (W3)
  • Tyler Galts – handlebar bag (W3)
  • Kathy M – floor pump (W4)
  • Lani – brake pads (W4)
  • Julian Cameron – socks (W4)
  • Joel Wheeler – top tube bag (W4)
Cycles West

Fort St Cycles

Thanks to Fort St Cycles for the following:

  • $40 Gift Card – Kathy M
Fort Street Cycles

Goldstream Bicycles

Thanks to Goldstream Bicycles for the following:

    • 20x $20 Gift Cards
    • Winners: Donnie Kendrick, Dan Blackwell,  Travis Field, Tania Johnson (W6)
      Series Winners (6x)

Meet on Blanshard

Thanks to Meet on Blanshard for the following:

  • $25 Gift Card – Tyler G

Nice Shoes / TerraLuv

Thanks to Nice Shoes, and online vegan shoe & apparel shop from Vancouver for the following:

  • $25 Gift Card – Sofia

Vegan Supply

Thanks to Vegan Supply for the following:

  • $20 Gift Card – Travis F

Virtuous Pie Victoria

Thanks to Virtuous Pie for the following:

  • $50 Gift Card – David K

Yates Coffee Bar

Thanks to Yates Coffee Bar for serving up yummy vegan foods and the following prizes:

  • $25 Gift Card – Sofia (W5)
  • $25 Gift Card – Josh D (W5)
  • $25 Gift Card – Jen W (Final)
  • $25 Gift Card – Joel W (Final)
Yates Coffee Bar

Dan Blackwell AKA @MortgageCyclist on IG

Bit thanks Dan for donating cash, which was invested in the following prizes:

  • $50 Goldstream Bicycles Gift Card – Suzy
  • $50 Cycles West Gift Card – Lani
  • $25 Cinnaholic Gift Card – Tanya
  • $25 Cinnaholic Gift Card – Joel C
  • $25 Cinnaholic Gift Card – Julian
  • $25 Pure Lovin’ Chocolate Gift Card – Tania
  • $25 Pure Lovin’ Chocolate Gift Card – Spencer
  • $25 Pure Lovin’ Chocolate Gift Card – Markus

Thanks to our supporters!

A massive thank-you to the businesses below for contributing to our draw prizes!

Each week we’ll be giving away some of this awesome swag by random draw!

We had commemorative pins made up for Season 1, if you’d want to help make pins happen for Season 2, let me know!

Good luck and have fun!

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