Hey Dave, what’s in your pockets?

People often ask me: “Dave, what’s in your pockets?

Okay, not really. I may never have been asked that!

But let me tell you, maybe it’ll help you get a bit more organized!

I keep a saddle bag on all my bikes, there will be another post on that, but in brief that’s where I keep my tube, tire levers, etc.. This post presumes a similar arrangement for these necessities.

To start with, I’ve conveniently got a table right by my door and bike, and so keep everything laid out like this so it’s all ready to go as I’m heading out:

It’s all right there, ready to go!

These go in my jersey pockets in the same order.

Left Pocket

I’ve got a ziplock bag to stash my phone, as well as a small pouch, in which I have a spare credit card, cash, change, and a few bus passes. When racing, I’ll also keep my race license in there (which is handy given I ride to most races anyway, so am unlikely to forget it.)

Center Pocket

I keep my pump here, speaking of pumps, I avoid the ‘screw on’ types, as they tend to remove valve cores at the worst possible time. I like a short but wider pump, so it doesn’t stick out of my pocket, and can still get your tire over 60psi.

Right Pocket

I keep my snacks in this pocket (being right handed it’s also the easiest pocket to access.)

Throughout much of the year the weather may require extra clothing that can be packed along or removed while riding, and that usually goes in the middle pocket (like a vest, knee warmers), and smaller items that may come and go are gloves and arm warmers, and one of the side pockets is great for that.

Pro tip: if porting something larger like a heavier jacket, or a bag of Kettle Salt & Vinegar chips, you can stash that up and under the back of your jersey if needed.

Pro pro tip: going on a really long ride, and not too hot out? Layer two jerseys, then you’ve got twice the pocket space.

And always keep an eye out for yard sale deals, I think that the real reason we have all these pockets!

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  • Jim Posted July 20, 2021 20:42

    Yard sales & Little Free Libraries!

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